Although it will take courage to spill your passionate beans to a lover today, you won’t miss an opportunity to do so because of the positivity that always seems to follow your most intimate relationship conversations.

Truth flows from the epicenter of your heart as you continue to choose honest and authentic interactions over anything else.

Whether you’re with someone new in your world or the love of your life, your confessions are a testament to how deep your feelings go right now. Love thrives in a trusting environment.

The Moon’s influence could create a dilemma surrounding whether to reach out to someone to lift your spirits or get something off your chest. But you needn’t get caught up in your love life and let it get you down.

Facing it head-on could lead to the discovery you need. It’s by freeing your mind and embracing openness that you can soothe your heart.

The Moon is in Gemini and in your 2nd house today, however it is also squaring Neptune in your 11th house.

This is emphasizing the importance of sharing common values, on a fundamental level, with your partner in order to have a sense of true closeness and friendship with one another. It is also very natural that you will always have certain values, even if small ones, that you disagree on with another person.

In order to have a safe space for differences to coexist between you and your lover, it is necessary to have some level of friendship be a foundation of your relationship.

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