Order in the Taurus court? That’s what you’re after as the Sun makes its annual rounds through Aquarius and your ambitious, structured tenth house until February 18. But as focused as you may be on a supersized goal, you can’t ignore your emotions. And why would you want to, anyway? While feelings may not be facts, they can still offer important guidance when you tune in to the right ones.

So why are your deepest needs demanding so much airtime now? February begins on the heels of a January 31 total lunar (full moon) eclipse, which landed in Leo and your sensitive fourth house. A personal situation might have thrown you for a loop—and given the swift nature of eclipses, this all may have come on suddenly. A family member, possibly a female relative, could be the source of the intensity. This eclipse may also have impacted your living situation, catalyzing anything from a move to a real estate sale to a change in the cast of characters under your roof. You might still be processing some heavy feelings as the month begins or dealing with eclipse-related curveballs.

This lunar levitation can raise the roof on an issue you’ve been ignoring, or it could expose hidden information that’s crucial to your next moves. The answers are coming—but there’s more to the saga. Mid-February there will be a second eclipse (more on that in a minute), which can steer you in a clearer direction. And since February is a rare month in that it has NO full moons, it might take you until the March 1 full moon for events to completely unfold.

Meantime, strive for better work-life balance—or more accurately, work-life integration. What are your top priorities, Bull? Concentrate your energy there. Put out any professional fires and get the home fires burning, because you’re ready to get back to business with a clear head. Worrying about a loved one or obsessing over a thorny emotional situation doesn’t make it easy to focus! Carve out enough time to get things done, but make sure you have a solid support system in place. From your therapist to your manicurist to standing appointments with your friends, make those parts of your calendar a no-cancel zone.

On February 15, the year’s only Aquarius new moon arrives—and it’s also a groundbreaking solar eclipse. In our experience, solar eclipses can be a little easier to navigate than lunar ones, since they bring fresh starts instead of abrupt endings or changes. This galvanizing eclipse will charge up your tenth house of career and ambition, which could herald a leadership opportunity, job offer or promotion.

You might get an eye-opening look at where you’ve been playing small, and not only in your career. Time to step into your power, Taurus, and to take responsibility. If you don’t get serious about this issue, nothing will change! Regain control and steer the ship instead of trying to please everyone—especially when you KNOW where the right solution lies. Men and fathers fall under the tenth house domain; this eclipse could usher a helpful guy into your world or inspire a new chapter in your relationship with an important male relative.

The February 15 eclipse also kicks off the Chinese Year of the Dog, a communal year that’s all about social graces and finding your tribe. No need to go it alone, Taurus. Set some #squadgoals and start teaming up with people who are on the same mission. Reminder: Every pack needs its alpha! While we don’t suggest that you unleash a domineering streak, suss out spots where you can mark your turf and make your influence known. With go-getter Mars in Sagittarius and your eighth house of power duos this month, you could sniff out a savvy sidekick. Together, you’ll rule the world!

Speaking of sidekicks, you didn’t think we’d forget Valentine’s Day, did you? TBH, it’s not really the most memorable day of February, at least not astrologically. The moon is in its low-key “balsamic” (almost new) phase, AND it’s in Aquarius, turning your attention to professional matters. Your mind may be more on the work you didn’t finish today than the dinner reservations you now regret making. (It’s Wednesday in the middle of the bleakest month of the year.

C’mon Cupid, is this some kind of scheduling error?) Push your plans to later in the evening so you can enjoy them with a clear head. If a raincheck won’t ruin a friendship or relationship, you could wrap festivities into a Chinese New Year celebration tomorrow—or you can wait a week for the enchanting Venus-Neptune meetup on February 21 (more on that in your Love horoscope).

However the big Hallmark holiday pans out, there’s plenty to look forward to from here. The eclipse could bring exciting developments, and your social life picks up steam shortly after that. Team spirit kicks in on February 18, when the Sun moves into Pisces and your eleventh house of group action. Devote the next month to networking and expanding your tribe.

You don’t have to become BFFs with someone to test your synergy out. Experiment by collaborating on a small project and see where it goes. Get out in your community and meet people. Missed the second annual Women’s March—or craving more activist spirit? Pisces season is the perfect time to get involved in a worthwhile cause, both in a grassroots IRL way and online. Let the connections begin! /TheAstroStyle

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