This month could give you mixed feelings altogether, Taurus. You may be meeting your family and friends after a long time and that may make you feel excited but in the hindsight, your relationship with your partner could see a downfall considering that commitment issues could certainly crop up, mostly in conjugal ties. Make sure you are having clear and open communication with them to sort all the shortcomings and maintain peace.

Issues concerning your health could keep you stressed during this month. Your eating and sleeping patterns would be pivotal in adjudging your good health during this tenure. Therefore, you should make sure that you are indulging in good eating habits at all times and also not sleep-depriving yourself. You would also want to go for meditation and other forms of yoga to keep yourself free from stress.

This month could be a little hard on you considering there would be a lot of challenges being thrown at you but your sheer luck will get you out of it in no time. You may also expect a good hike in your earnings and increment at work and that would make you feel motivated. Stress and hypertension would be a part and parcel for you this month but your skillful means and tactics will help you gain good appreciation.

Your spirits will usually be high during the month although there could be certain days where you may feel low concerning the situations in your personal relationships. Assurance and reliance on your partner may help you get to the bottom of it and maintain peace in relationships. Stress at work may make you feel burnt out some days but keep yourself pumped with some fun ancillary activities.

Color of the month– Dark green and white.

Lucky number– 1, 5

Lucky alphabet– B, T

Cosmic tip– Be mindful every step of the way.

Tip for singles– Declutter yourself from stress and take time out for yourself.

Tip for couples– A lot of assurance and reliance may be required.

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