Being a Taurus, there were times when you acted impulsively and rashly without thinking twice. Now, you have grown in terms of maturity and age which is why according to your monthly Taurus horoscope of the day, this month you find yourself acting out of control. It is not normal for you to act this way and it would be advised to understand what is triggering you.

This month will be taxing for you, mentally and physically states the monthly Taurus horoscope of the month. You will be pushing yourself to not only commit to your personal commitments but also to your profession which will be draining you. You find that your recent workouts are also helping you focus and relax on the important matters that will help you find peace.

You feel extremely low during this month. According to your monthly Taurus horoscope of the month, you find yourself feeling emotionally rubbed raw because you have not had any contact with your partner because of your work and the stress is getting to you. It is advised that you consult a professional who will help you understand yourself and will help you find the answers you seek.

This month will be tiring but fruitful, says the monthly Taurus horoscope of the month. You will find yourself pushed and pressurized to meet the work deadlines, but the fruits of your labor will soon appear by the end of the month. It is advised that you do not take out your anger on a colleague of yours just because you are frustrated.

Colors of the month: Purple, Red

Lucky Numbers of the month: 1, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: Q, J

Cosmic Tip: Utilize your stubbornness to do good.

Tips for Singles – Getting out of your comfort zone will make you confident.

Tips for Couples – Communicating with your partner will prevent misunderstandings.

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