Dear Scorpio, if you are concerned about your future endeavors, then it is alright. This month will pass by in rethinking and evaluating your decisions so far. It is also going to be a good time for you when your mood is in question. However, some people around you will try their level hard to ruin your moment. You might come across some egoistic and irrational individuals. You must not let them into your psyche but manage them thoughtfully.

Health is your only wealth. If you are planning to eat mindfully, then it is the right time to start. You should work on your ways of cooking food at home. It will help you to refrain from buying food from outside. It will be your first step towards a healthy lifestyle. This month you should try your hands at the 21-months habit-forming activities. It will help you to adapt to better health practices easily.

Dear Scorpio, it is good that you are shredding your walls, and trying things out of your comfort zone. But you must not let your guards loose. You will find it hard if you get hurt when you are trying new things in life. It can be tough to rely on others, but you must seek help. Never refrain from asking for help in need. It will fill your life with kindness.

On the work front, you are likely to be ambitious, but you are not brave enough to take risks. This month you will be very hopeful about your future. It is still a bit hazy, but you are slowly figuring out the right pathway. You can also try your hands at the business during this month. It will be something out of your comfort zone, but that does not mean that you cannot excel at it. You have to establish your faith in yourself first.

Colors of the month: Red, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the month: 7, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: T, S

Cosmic tip: Walk through the hardships to see the rainbow future.

Tips for Singles: The only partner who won’t leave your side is your pet.

Tips for Couples: It is not a great time to plan a baby.

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