This new month will have new things in store for you. You will welcome a tiny pup in your household, and it will fill your life with joy. It will keep you busy and happy throughout the month. This month, people around you will get to see your flamboyant and fun side. It will be a rare opportunity for them. Your joy will bring positivity to your house, life, and surroundings. It will also help you to embrace a fresh perspective of life.

You will feel fine about your health, there will be nothing to stress about your health this month. Your happiness and contentment due to the new changes you brought will keep your mental health in better shape. However, your body will still need help if you wish to be back in shape. Start eating healthy and choose your diet wisely. You should not cut down your protein and carb intake. But do not forget to cut a slab in your caffeine intake.

You will have a highly motivating phase this month. Your ideas and creativity will never let you stay jobless. You will enjoy your job and the things related to your job with a fulfilling heart. If you are a student, this month bears heavy importance in your life. It can be a deciding time for your upcoming future. You have to be calm while choosing what is good for you. You should remember that it is not the end of the world.

You will have a productive and busy month. Things will come after you one after the other. You will not find any time to take a breather. This month will have so many tasks and events for you that you might feel exhausted beyond repair. No matter how much you try, your face will not glow with contentment unless all your projects are back on track. You will be proud of your patience and passion in the end.

You are not in a mood to travel. Are you? This month will be anyway very eventful, and you are no more interested in new events to plan. You will be exhausted by all the workload and family pressure on you. But in the middle of the month, you will feel like going out with old friends and boarding a flight back to your family. It is going to be a trip in search of bringing solace back in life.

Colors of the month: Lavender, Powder Blue

Lucky Numbers of the month: 4, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: R, G, M

Cosmic Tip: Your friendship goals are beaming at you with a big smile.

Tips for Singles: You will be bored and need a friend to kill boredom.

Tips for Couples: It is in no way logical taking time off from your partner when you two get less to cherish each other’s presence.

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