This month will ask you to take some time off from all kinds of hustling. You must note that you will receive a lot of attention, mostly sexual. But you must not lose control over your body. Do not forget to understand their intentions before allowing them closer. You do not wish to get hurt after all this while. You should look for something stable and long-term and follow the instinct of your heart.

Dear Scorpio, if you want healthy glowing skin for this month, you have to strictly follow the rules. You should get an appointment with a dermatologist and get rid of the skin concerns you were delaying. This month your health is intertwined with your skin. You should encourage the habit of healthy eating and drinking to get back healthy skin. Take some time off from makeup and let your skin breathe.

To thrive on the professional front, you need to plan your month beforehand. You cannot let a last-minute project elude your path. You will have to work hard from very early this month. At first, it will get a bit stressful, but as the month progresses, you will get accustomed to the schedule. You have to stick by the rules to gain better work results. Your efforts will make sure that the month-end is promising.

Do not let any kind of stress get on your nerves. You do not have to feel sorry for ditching your friends for work. Your ambitions are equally important as your emotions. And you do not have to bear any guilt if work is something that satiates your soul. It is okay to find solace in work. If your loved ones are getting annoyed by this habit, then you must take the charge to help them to understand your perspective.

If you are not eager to go on a trip, then clearly convey this thought. Not everyone is fond of traveling, and you are not bound to go on the trip unless it is a trip with your spouse. This month the only trip you are interested in is a trip to an old library. You will feel revived in the vicinity of old books. It will bring back childhood memories of borrowing books from the library. Each weekend of the month will be dedicated to the library hoping for you.

Colors of the month: Peach, Beige

Lucky Numbers of the month: 2, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, S

Cosmic Tip: Forget what they are thinking, live your life in way.

Tips for Singles: Scorpios will get lucky to be asked out a couple of times this month.

Tips for Couples: You must have late night conversations about all things related to life with your partner.

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