Partnerships are the key theme of this month as the Sun moves through Scorpio and your committed-relationship house until November 21, then makes a four-week plunge into Sagittarius and your intimacy zone. With the combined stress of the election and Covid, who couldn’t use some extra support right now? Lean on your inner circle and look for ways you can merge your superpowers for a shared win.

Here’s some good news: Three retrograde planets will correct course this month. Mercury powers forward on November 3, followed by Mars on November 13 and Neptune on November 28. If you’ve put off dealing with a loss or a tough decision, you can finally make headway. In September, SIX planets were retrograde, which turned life into a traffic jam.

By the end of this month, only one planet, disruptor Uranus, will be retrograde. Unfortunately, it’s backlogged in YOUR sign…but that might actually help you slow down and establish some stability.

November 12 brings a big turning point when the third of 2020’s rare Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions occurs in Capricorn and your ninth house of risk-taking, growth and long-distance connections. An entrepreneurial venture could finally launch, or you may embark on some soul-searching travel.

Finances are in the spotlight as the month ends with a boldfaced Gemini lunar (full moon) eclipse. As these major moonbeams shake up your second house of work, money and security, you could make a radical shift in the way you earn and spend. Stay alert because an opportunity could come when you least expect it!

Week 1: November 1-8

Get back in gear

Election Day 2020 won’t be any less fraught than you’d expect—but it comes with a planetary plot twist! On Tuesday, November 3, Mercury, the ruler of communication, technology and travel, will end a tricky retrograde that began on October 13. If you’re heading to the polls, set your phone alarm for 12:50pm EST (precision counts today!), when Mercury corrects course and three weeks of cosmic commotion starts to clear.

For the first two weeks, Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio and your relationship house, disrupting business and romantic partnerships—and possibly bringing the return of an ex. Since October 27, Mercury has been backing through Libra and your sixth house of health and fitness. That double dose of mischief may have left you feeling disconnected from those close to you and pushed you out of your healthy routines. As of November 3, you can put those (and your relationships) back in forward gear.

Bclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ut take your time. Mercury retrograde’s shadow phase will last until November 19—meaning you’ll still feel the (dwindling) backdraft of Mercury’s mischief for a couple more weeks. You may be raring to get back in the groove—but instead of charging bullishly ahead to make up for lost time, work on boosting your immune system and gently improving communications with partners and loved ones for a couple more weeks.

Week 2: November 9-15

A leap of faith

Freedom on the horizon? The last couple months have been extremely challenging for many Bulls. Your mobility has been limited and big ideas were delayed through no fault of your own. From an unfortunate lineup of retrograde planets to energizer Mars submerged in your low-power twelfth house for an extended visit, you’ve been swimming upstream!

This week, things could turn around in rather momentous ways. It all begins on Thursday, November 12, when auspicious Jupiter makes its third of 2020’s three connections to transformational Pluto. These planetary powerhouses only align every 12 to 13 years, and their combined effect can cause explosive transformation. Look back to April 4 and June 30, their first two conjunctions, for clues of what could come together today.

Jupiter and Pluto will unite for the third time in Capricorn and your ninth house of growth, entrepreneurship and long-distance travel. Opportunity could come in from afar, or you could be propelled into a major new direction. You could have a breakthrough around a visionary project or an indie business idea or an aha moment where an issue that’s dogged you suddenly becomes clear. Have you been holding back on a big risk? Take that leap of faith—you may get serendipitous signals this week. When the door opens, lunge through!

On Friday, November 13, motivator Mars wakes up from a frustrating retrograde that began on September 9. It’s been hard enough to endure the red planet’s exhausting visit to Aries and your sleepy and confusing twelfth house, which is spanning from June 27, 2020, to January 6, 2021. Normally Mars stays in a sign for about six weeks, but in 2020, it’s here for six MONTHS.

The silver lining? You’re shedding emotional baggage and facing old demons that were lingering anyway. A few short days into 2021, Mars will zoom into Taurus, igniting your energy and pumping up your passion. Hibernate, do the heavy emotional work, forgive and heal now because you won’t have time for that inner work in a couple months!

Relationships get off to a fresh start on Sunday, November 15, when the year’s only Scorpio new moon beams into your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships. Are you ready to make things official—or at least to consider a contender? A promising business or romantic connection could take a turn for the serious.

But no need to rush! This could develop between now and the Scorpio full moon on April 26, 2021, since new moons have a six-month window. Touch base with your closest crew, from BFFs to coworkers, and make sure everyone’s in sync. It never hurts to do a little emotional housekeeping with everyone and to clear up lingering issues that could be sitting in the space between you.

Week 3: November 16-22

Go deep

Hunker down, Taurus. The Sun slips into Sagittarius and your intimate and intuitive eighth house for a month this Saturday, November 21. Cozy up in your hibernation station, focus on one or two important ties and spend time doing behind-the-scenes research. Prioritize listening over talking while paying close attention to every tingle of your Spidey sense. Who knows what interesting (and potentially powerful) information might come your way?

This week is less eventful than the two surrounding it, so enjoy some calm. The one exception is Tuesday, November 17, when communicator Mercury in your partnership house opposes disruptive Uranus in Taurus. You may be tempted to play devil’s advocate or lash out when people push your buttons. This also just happens to be National Unfriend Day—so things could easily take a turn in that direction if you don’t keep your temper in check!

Week 4: November 23-30

Big money eclipse

November’s stars saved their biggest week for last. On Saturday, November 28, hazy Neptune wraps a five-month retrograde through Pisces and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. If you’ve struggled to navigate group dynamics or keep your work squad in sync remotely, things should improve. Launching any digital endeavors also gets a green light now. Cut the slackers loose from Team Taurus and stop enabling them. It’s time to

But don’t rush into any binding business decisions because on Monday, November 30, a Gemini lunar (full moon) eclipse activates your second house of work and money. This could spell a big payday or promotion or a sudden change of path.

Look back to May 22, when the Gemini new moon set the stage for this big event. This is the first Gemini eclipse in a series that’s revolutionizing your money axis from June 2020 until December 2021. The way you work and earn and spend and save could make a huge flip in the coming year. Today’s eclipse is your first taste of that. Get ready to move into new levels of prosperity and job satisfaction, whether you start something new, invest or team up on a joint venture.

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