Have you been stymied by an organizational or deep-cleaning project over the past few weeks? You can thank (er, blame) the systematic messenger planet, who’s been spinning backward in your detail-minded sixth house since October 13. As much as you may have tried, you haven’t been able to keep the clutter at bay or get ahead on deadlines. Part of the problem might be that you’ve been multitasking, which isn’t a good look for your slow-and-steady sign.

Try to work around the piles and mess for two more days if you can, Bull, because on Tuesday, November 3, mental Mercury will wrap up that retrograde and return to forward motion. It might take another two-plus weeks (until November 19) for you to feel like you’re finally making forward progress, but once that kicks in, you’ll be unstoppable.

Tackle that to-do list with a vengeance, giving precedence to anything that’s been resurfacing for the past few weeks, when the winged one left Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships and returned to your efficient sixth for its last two weeks for another year. You may have to work extra hard to stay focused and keep your support staff on the page, but it’ll be worth it. Consider getting everyone on a team messaging app like Slack instead of sending out endless group emails.

And, since the sixth house rules health and self-care, get some postponed appointments on the books for the next seven days. If you’re pretty solid, this is an ideal time to intensify what you’re doing RIGHT and shore yourself up now before the holiday season hits and tempts you to the core.

How sweet is your home, Taurus? A Bull’s pen is their castle—and sanctuary. But if yours has been feeling more like a cauldron of chaos than a center of all things cozy and comfy, it’s time to shake things up. This Sunday, an equalizing quarter moon in Leo lands in your domestic fourth house, helping you take an objective look at your living situation and assess any “damage.”

Take heart in knowing that you can rectify any situation that isn’t up to Taurean standards—without breaking your budget or your back! Even minimal upgrades can feel significant, if you hit your pain points.

This weekend, have a look around, doing your best to not be emotionally attached to what you see. The things that give the strongest charge are probably the best place to begin. Can you simply rearrange some art or furniture to change the flow and the energy? Of course, if you’ve been coveting one special object for a while see if you can actually afford it.

Since this moon is about balance, think about what you can do to feel centered and grounded when you’re home: more entertaining or introspective activities? Less Netflix or putting off chores? Only you can find the magic sweet spot, so experiment until you do!

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