Your cautious, conservative nature is your secret weapon this week, when not just one but TWO heavyweight planets turn retrograde.

First to pivot is Saturn, master of time, structure and boundaries. He’ll stay in reverse motion in Capricorn and your ninth house of adventure and spontaneity from Tuesday, April 17 until September 6. This is followed on Sunday by intensifier Pluto in the same house (until September 30), which will add to Saturn’s energy.

The message? Think before you speak—and text and post and tweet! Despite your best intentions, things could easily be misinterpreted or misconstrued. This doesn’t mean you have to mute yourself for the next five months! It just means you should REALLY organize your thoughts and get your big ideas in order ahead of time.

And taking a little extra time to reflect on your message can only be a good thing. The ninth house also rules education and advanced training, making this a golden moment to enhance your skills with a workshop or real-world experience to give you a competitive edge—and a booster shot of confidence.

Sometimes, it’s not WHAT you say but how you say it, so you might want to work with a speech or media coach. This Saturn cycle can be enlightening if you use it for your self-awareness and edification. While no one actually relishes going back to the drawing board, if you can take the benefits of that to the bank, it’ll be more than worth it!

While you’re taking inventory on Tuesday, you might care to check in on a couple other matters as well. Your ruling planet, idealistic Venus, forms two major aspects, turning your mind to your money and relationships—both hugely important issues to you!

Thanks to a hard-hitting opposition with candid Jupiter in your partnership zone, you won’t be willing or able to sweep something under the carpet any more. Off with the rose-colored glasses and in with the clarity!

Even if it’s difficult to broach the subject, once you rip off the Band-Aid, you’ll immediately start to feel relief. And then, as she swings into alignment with probing Pluto and the veil of fantasy lifts, you might realize that your expectations may be unrealistic.

People can’t be what they aren’t, but you have a choice to accept them as they are—or move on. It’s better to honestly talk about what is and isn’t possible than to continue to suffer under an illusion.

Hello, birthday month! The season of the Bull kicks off on Thursday, so locate your place at the head of the table! This time of year usually puts a spring in your step and has you high-hoofing it around town.

This solar power surge lasts until May 20, opening your mind (and heart) to new people, dating experiences and adventures. (Buh-bye legendary stubborn streak!) There’s almost no limit to what you can accomplish, but don’t go about it willy-nilly. To manifest like a pro, you need a plan, and that starts with a vision.

Write out your wish list and actively imagine what life will look and feel like when it all happens. You could reinvent yourself professionally, creatively and/or romantically. What’s the catch? You need to be willing to let go of things that are over and done with, and stop dwelling on the past. But with the Sun in Taurus, you’ll have the guts and strength to make the shift! /by TheAstroTwins

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