New horizons will open up for you this week. Something you started as a side hustle will eventually become a full-time income-earning thing for you. It is a good thing that you have understood how to use your time to your advantage. You have finally stepped out of your comfort zone and it is not comfortable but it has started to show positive results in certain aspects of your life.

This is the perfect week to revise again your diet thoroughly. Make sure you are including a lot of milk, vegetables, lean protein, and fruits in your diet plan as all of this is vital for sound health. You will understand that while you are satisfying your tongue eating junk food, your body is suffering because of it. Making these dietary changes will be more difficult to implement than planning.

You are likely to get distracted and not feel like completing the tasks given to you at your workplace. As a result, your performance will be lagging among the performance of your colleagues. The best solution to these problems will be taking some days off from work. Yes, it may sound unprofessional but you need to declutter your mind of useless thoughts and fill it with useful information today.

Due to the planetary arrangements, you will have the feeling of kicking out useless thoughts from your mind and receiving positive thoughts. You are finally not taking anyone’s nonsense into your mind. You have realized that the only thing that matters is what you are thinking. Keep your intentions pure and your thoughts positive. This week focus on things that need your attention and avoid those that spoil your mood.

You will be free most of this week as you decided to take some days off from work. You took a leave because you wish to declutter your mind so go to a place that will not only help in ridding your mind of negative thoughts but also give you a fresh level of energy. Go somewhere in the beauty of mother nature like watching the sunset at the beach or hiking in the mountains.

Colors of the week: Maroon, Black

Lucky numbers of the week: 3, 8

Lucky alphabets you will be in sync with: D, F

Cosmic Tip: No task is beneath you.

Tips for Singles: Life is not fair always.

Tips for Couples: Never take your partner for granted.

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