Just when you thought you’d taken a relationship as far as it could go, Monday rolls in with some pleasant surprises.

On the heels of the full moon this past Sunday, April 29 la luna hovers in Scorpio for another day and meets up with expansive Jupiter in your seventh house of partnerships. Ready, set, co-create!

A project could emerge that plays to both of your strengths; or, a special someone could share an insight that makes your heart swoon. This is also a powerful day to take stock of the VIPs in your life.

Lately, some blossoming friendships (and perhaps, a love sitch) are really giving you life—but you can only ride the feel-good waves for so long. These bonds need the proverbial sunshine and water if you want them to keep growing. So, nourish on, Taurus!

Whether platonic or romantic, the efforts you put in will come back to you in beautiful and unexpected ways. In order to make time for these rewarding connections you might simultaneously have to dial back your involvement elsewhere. Don’t spread yourself too thin or you’ll miss the magic!

Make sure you carve out ample “me time” throughout the week, too, as el Sol beams on through Taurus. If a passion project got back-burnered during last month’s Mercury retrograde, pick it up again.

Getting back into the groove of it might take a minute but once you re-acquaint yourself with the process, momentum will quickly return. If you’ve been an emotional “absentee” in certain relationships, bring back Full-Strength Bull. Enough with playing the compassionate listener without getting the same in return.

Someone you adore may need a reminder that love is a two-way street. But go easy on em, Taurus! We teach people how to treat us and you may have allowed them to stay tuned in to the “back to me” channel, unchecked, for too long.

And don’t forget, timing is everything. If you want to be heard, schedule your chats for moments where you are both relaxed and able to give undivided attention.

The weekend could bring a “pilgrimage with a purpose” as the Capricorn moon treks through your nomadic ninth house. And on Friday, as la luna links up with mindful Saturn, you might journey out of town for a one-day retreat or workshop.

Can’t get away at the moment? Start researching voyages for when you DO have vacation days to spare. This cosmic connection could reveal a training program or retreat that may come with the bonus of a new passport stamp. Close to home, a cross-cultural click might bring a powerful opportunity your way.

Entrepreneurial Bulls—or those of you with a book or blog to write—should lean into Saturn’s disciplined powers. Use the weekend to develop your plans or bang out another arresting chapter of that tome! /TheAstroTwins

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