Tuesday, August 13, could bring a special moment in your personal or domestic life. The generous Sun forms its once-a-year merger with compassionate Venus (your ruler) in your fourth house of close friends and family, setting the stage for some soulful bonding.

Women in your life are especially favored, but this is an equally auspicious alignment for romantic encounters! Here’s the thing, though, Taurus: It’s easy to take people for granted or not reciprocate in kind. Since loyalty is important to you (which might be a bit of an understatement), pay it forward by making sure you’re giving as good as you’re getting.

On Thursday, your attention and energy will be redirected to work—in a major way! The year’s only full moon in Aquarius switches on all the lights in your tenth house of career ambition and success. All your efforts of the past six months could finally reach the point of critical mass and come together with a flourish over the next two weeks (“harvest” time for this lunar lift).

To make the most of this energizing cycle, take some time to reflect on what you’ve achieved and—the million-dollar question—what you’d like to do for an encore. If you’re not sure, schedule a couple lunches and meetings with accomplished friends and mentors and get their suggestions. Sometimes others can observe us more objectively (and in even better light) than we see ourselves.

Looking to make a move? Polish your resume, online profiles and cover letter templates, working with a coach if necessary. Then get that resume out there and become a regular on the industry-networking circuit. With humanitarian Aquarius energy in the air, you could veer into something socially responsible. Knowing what revs your engines and fits into your soul’s purpose is key.

Yes, Taurus: There’s still time to squeeze in a summer fling—or, if you’re happily hooked up, a full-blown romantic revival! On Sunday, lusty Mars marches into Virgo and your passionate fifth house, where he’s been conspicuously absent for the past two years.

From now until October 4, it’s going to be a lot more sweltering INDOORS than almost anywhere, especially if you drop any doubts or inhibitions and follow Mars’ libidinous lead. While your traditional sign does appreciate sweet, old-fashioned courtship rituals, you’ve got no problem with PDAs and other blatant exhibitions of fondness and desire.

And, if you’d rather BE the seducer, tap into those sultry Taurean vibes and turn your charm to high. Just realize that there could be a lot of “by-catch” when you cast such a wide net, and keeping people at bay may prove harder than reeling them in! Couples should clear their schedules as much as possible during this seven-week phase and find time every day to give gratitude about your partner.

This star-powered surge affects creative ventures as well as romantic ones, so if you’ve been toiling away at your masterpiece, it might be time for a—if not BIG reveal, then perhaps a mini-preview for a select audience whose opinions you respect and value. But you might need to grow a slightly thicker skin before you do that!

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