Pop quiz: Do you actually know the difference between a want and a need? You might get a big clue this Tuesday, August 13, as beautifying Venus joins forces with the dramatic Sun in your second house of money and possessions.

You work hard for your money and value it, and yet when staring down a window (or shop) full of gorgeous THINGS, those beaded sandals or that tiny clutch bag may suddenly seem obligatory to possess.

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself—and you do have fabulous taste!—but if you’re trying to save up for new wheels or a fall getaway, you may have to dial the self-discipline up a bit higher. Don’t make it about deprivation (then you’ll just rebel and buy more). Focus on your highest goals and how wonderful it will be to afford those big-ticket items without having to accumulate debt!

You may be more focused on disrobing than on acquiring new clothes this Thursday, when the year’s only full moon in Aquarius revs its seductive engines in your eighth house of intimacy and eroticism. Over the next two weeks (or, ahem, two hours), you can rekindle some embers in a connection that’s lost some of its erstwhile lustiness.

But this isn’t just sexual gymnastics; we’re talking about a deep, soulful connection! No one on the romantic radar? Your mojo will be on fire, and if you’re ready to try things on a whole new level, then set the intention to find someone on your wavelength on ALL the vital levels! The urge to merge will intensify for couples, too. This isn’t something you can fake or “phone in.” You may need to do some air-clearing—on your own or with a good counselor.

Outside the boudoir, this full moon could shine a light on ways to fuse your finances and other resources. You may be close to “officializing” things with jewelry, an announcement or a joint real estate deal. Bear in mind that any partnership you lock yourself into is going to be hard to get out of, so search your soul and make sure you’re sure!

Uncage your inner social butterfly! Or maybe you’re more of a queen bee, at the center of every buzzing hive you come into contact with! Either way, you WON’T be a shy wallflower starting this Sunday, as electrifying Mars blasts into your outgoing, excitable third house until October 4. You may not be playing on the same turf, and you’ll be excited to widen the radius of your social circle.

You need to feed your inner culture vulture, so do some research and round up the troops for a few weeks of nearly nonstop festivals, hiking, vintage shopping and, of course, wining and dining!

A tiny caveat: Mars stokes all kinds of strong emotions, and during this phase, you (or a close person) could be angry, resentful or full of feelings you can’t even identify. Be loving and patient, but never permit abusive behavior!

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