You will feel uncertain about everything in your life, dear Taurus. You will be indecisive this week. You will be confused about whom you should listen to, heart or brain while making some decisions. Your anxiety will only add to the problems. So, you must try to remain calm and composed. Sit quietly and make a decision that works in your favor. You should rest your rational mind and let your heart guide for one.

You can expect some health problems this week. Make prior plans about your health as the week progresses you will encounter some health issues which will affect your immune system. Try to maintain a healthy diet and if you are on medication take it properly.

The week is going to be very hectic for you. There are going to be unexpected workloads that will be handed over to you. You might have to meet critical deadlines which require you to take every action cautiously. A hectic work schedule will wear out your energy and you might end up having a nervous breakdown. However, from mid-week, you are going to experience positivity and expect good news from work.

You are feeling confused about your emotions this week. You have got the change that you desired for which is good. But along with that change, more responsibilities will come. The uncertainty of your journey after this change will scare you. You are afraid to mess things up and do not know if you could meet the expectations. Be confident in your abilities, you will make it through this challenge also.

There is not much at the travel front this week, dear Taurus. You will spend most of your time at home this week, planning the next steps. So, in a way, you will plan your journey to the future. Other than that, you will have a normal week. You might go to a nearby general store for grocery shopping or other essentials.

Colors of the week: Black, Red

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, T

Cosmic Tip: Make room for adjustment or else you will end up repenting

Tips for Singles: You will have to prioritize your needs before finding love

Tips for Couples: By being calm and understanding, you can avoid serious adverse circumstances

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