Forget light and fluffy. “Rolling in the deep” is your preferred operating state this week, Taurus, as planets plunge through Sagittarius and your intense and esoteric eighth house.

On Tuesday, December 12 the Sun syncs up with retrograde Mercury there, and good luck keeping a lock on that chamber of secrets! Some buried feelings and desires could bubble up like hot lava—and along with that could come an eruption of some seriously sexy energy.

Hang the Do Not Disturb sign and give yourself plenty of privacy. You’ll need it, whether you’re sharing secrets with a trusted confidante or leaving a trail of cashmere, denim and silky lingerie from the couch to the bedroom. Warning: This celestial merger might also reveal a snake in the grass. Pay attention to people’s conversational directives. Are they always dragging someone through the mud or armchair quarterbacking everyone’s moves—when that person isn’t even in the room?

Well guess what they’re probably saying about YOU when you’re out of earshot, Taurus. If you notice a discrepancy between words and actions, take note. While this might not be the best week to TALK about it, you should certainly track it and even pull back your energy from people who may lack the integrity you require from a real friend.

On Friday, it’s amorous Venus who copilots with Mercury retrograde, and this could bring sexy back in ways you haven’t felt for years! Someone you meet at a random gathering could give you major butterflies—woosh! Does that mean you’ve just met your soulmate? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes it’s just an awakening to a part of yourself that’s been locked in the vault for too long.

Before you start pondering a trial separation from your long-time love, consider that this scorchingly hot soul is simply the messenger. How can you be more like this person—or more like the “you” that they are enchanted by? Of course, if you’re single and free, this might be something to pursue…slowly. With Mercury in this truth-muddling position, there could be hidden complications to weather like a pre-existing condition called, “still in a relationship,” or, “mommy issues.”

On Saturday, December 16 the Sun in Sagittarius and your eighth house of intense emotions flows into a supportive formation with innovative Uranus in your well of deep inspiration. Tune in to your emotions—yes, even the uncomfortable ones. They’re a solid GPS for you this weekend. If the green-eyed monster mysteriously drops by, for example, don’t shoo him away. (But don’t react to him either.)

Instead, listen to what he has to say. Envy can reveal your hidden dreams and desires. Rather than coveting thy neighbor, remix your own version of what she has—and do it with a sartorial and sophisticated Taurean twist. Meditation can yield divine downloads. Slip off from the brunch huddles for a Saturday yoga class and journaling. Before you stop scrawling, make a gratitude list. There are at least three things you can be thankful for, Taurus, even if you’re dealing with some pain. Every cloud has a silver lining, like learning what to lean in to and what to avoid in the future. /source:

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