Doing too much heavy lifting? Turn those torturous solo missions into squad goals this Monday, February 18, as the Sun embarks on a monthlong tour through Pisces and your collaborative eleventh house.

Gather your hive mind—from coworkers to close friends to your family—and hold an open brainstorming session. Pass around the talking stick and let everyone have a say about what’s working; and what’s not. Make a rule though: Any critiques must also come with a constructive solution and zero personal attacks.

This “clearing the air” process, though awkward, is an essential first step to creating a mutually beneficial roadmap for your next steps as a group. Need to find new recruits for your dream team?

Let that be your excuse to trek into new social terrain. Bundle up during this popularity-boosting solar cycle. Networking may come with a non-traditional twist because, between now and March 20, you’ll gravitate towards artists, activists and other fascinating unicorns.

Since you’ll happily hand the wheel to your own “weird” side, start working on an invention or a future-minded business idea. Maybe it’s time to film some YouTube videos or develop the perfect product that allows you to inform people that “there’s an app for that.”

Also on Monday, Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet that orbits between structured Saturn and free-spirited Uranus, shifts gears, moving into Aries and your spiritual and esoteric twelfth house until April 14, 2027.

You already got a preview of this transit from April 17 to September 25, 2018. During that time, it might have felt like life was melting into a Frida Kahlo painting. Get ready: That surreal energy will be your “new normal” for the coming eight years.

While this might sound a tad unmooring for your earth sign sensibilities, think of it like the line from The Pixies’ classic single, “Where Is My Mind?” If you keep “your head in the air and your feet on the ground” you could span the best of both worlds, combining the mystical and the practical into some heretofore unseen hybrid.

uranus in taurus

On a personal level, this Chiron cycle can bring deep healing, the kind that helps you transform core wounds into major healing gifts. If you’ve ever dreamed of working as a healing practitioner—or adding a “woo” side hustle along with your stable 9-5—that call could soon become too loud to ignore.

Get ready for a very public close-up this Tuesday, February 19, as the full supermoon in Virgo pops the cork in your fifth house of celebrity, glamour and romance. And when the attention swings your way, take a bow, Toro!

Your work of the past six months could strike a magical chord with the public. If the time has come for a big reveal, seize the moment. Set up pitch meetings, showcases, launch parties, or if you’re still “in process” with your plans, organize a focus group to get feedback from talented friends.

Maybe they’ll read the first chapter of your screenplay or assess your business plan in exchange for a home-cooked dinner. Ask! If you’re ready to start a buzz, you could post a few behind-the-scenes shots on your social media. In the process, you might meet other people who are working towards similar goals.

Because this full supermoon arrives in perfectionistic Virgo, you may have to shush that little voice that says, “It’s not good enough.” Romantically, this full supermoon might arouse some early spring fever in the bullpen.

If you’re in a happy place with bae, you may soon formalize it in a ceremonial way—perhaps shopping for special pieces of jewelry. Are babies part of your 2019 plans? This fertile lunation could bring pregnancy news over the next couple of weeks; or at least set the stage for discussions about making (or expanding) your family.

Single? The right-swiping gods are on your side near Tuesday, but if you prefer an old-fashioned face-to-face (the only REAL way your sensory sign can judge an attraction), bundle up for as many events as you can squeeze onto your calendar this week!

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