All due respect to the latest exhibitions at the Louvre, but starting this Monday, February 18, seduction may be the only art form you’re interested in. The Sun begins its slow-burning cycle through Pisces and your erotic eighth house, awakening your inner siren.

Until March 20, give your carnal urges a seat at the table. Sure, your “northern hemisphere” might feel intellectually inspired, but what’s up down south? Tune in, Leo. Are you turned on…literally?

That “below the belt” compass can be an important guide, especially for a sign that needs to live as passionately as you do. During this four-week cycle, you can bring sexy back in every area of your life, from your fitness routines to the creative projects you take on at work—and of course, in your romantic life.

It starts by being willing to rock the boat! If you’ve been settling for options that look good on paper but don’t light your fire, there may be some goodbyes in store. But don’t be too quick to bolt if you believe there’s still enough raw material to work with.

What YOU bring to the table influences the response you get in return. With the Sun in deep-diving Pisces, you don’t have to hide behind an attitude of eternal sunshine or even be “positive!” at all.

Better you should voice a dissenting opinion than go along to get along. That people-pleasing approach might be why you’re feeling so numb in certain relationships. (Hello, resentment.)

However, this isn’t your heavenly hall pass to go rage on people! Find a healthy outlet for releasing pent up frustration, like weekly dancing and intense cardio classes. If you find yourself venting every time you meet friends, it might be your cue to set up a therapy session so you can unleash proactively in a healing environment.

And guess what? Your shadow side is pretty damn sexy when revealed in the right measure. Existing relationships could get hotter once you reveal your edges—and even push back on people who have mistaken your noble generosity for weakness.

Another wave of transformational energy sweeps in that same day, Monday the 18th, as Chiron the “wounded healer” comet wraps up an eight-year tour of Pisces that sent you on a deep and introspective voyage.

Next up? Until April 14, 2027, Chiron will buzz through Aries and your ninth house of worldly expansion and higher truths. During this time, you may confront the ways that you hold back your authentic expression for fear of being misunderstood.

The urge to explore new corners of the Earth could become a deep calling and your travels might transform into spiritual sojourns in the name of self-development.

Since Chiron illuminates ways that YOU can heal others, look to ninth house activities for hints: writing books, creating media, teaching and training people in your area of expertise, bringing people together across cultural divides.

You may feel like an ambassador in your own hometown—or via your social media feeds—during this eight-year cycle. One thing’s for sure: an important message wants to come through you, Leo, which may require you to emerge into an even more public role.

On Tuesday, your attention drifts back to more earthly concerns, as the full Virgo supermoon lands in your pragmatic second house. Does it feel like your hard-earned cash is slipping through your fingers?

Instead of stressing, balance your books and reconfigure your budget. While austerity is a no-go for your treat-loving sign, create an entertainment fund and you can enjoy that prix fixe brunch without stressing about the March rent.

Looking for more gainful employment? Inquiries, offers and proposals may start coming in over the two weeks following this full moon. While you’re circulating, think like a “brand” and market yourself.

Maybe it’s time to invest in a talented designer to streamline your Facebook business page or help you put together a website. Be sure to gather testimonials from satisfied colleagues to post.

Happily employed? This lunar lift can bring attention to your hard work of the past six months. You might be publicly praised or even rewarded with benefits like a raise or a work-from-home day each week.

Don’t wait for good things to fall out of the sky. Volunteer for projects with more responsibility and position yourself as the rising star.

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