You will feel uncertain about everything in your life, dear Taurus. You will be indecisive this week. You will be confused about whom you should listen to, heart or brain while making some decisions. Your anxiety will only add to the problems. So, you must try to remain calm and composed. Sit quietly and make a decision that works in your favor. You should rest your rational mind and let your heart guide for one.

Your health will be favorable this week. Although you might feel tired at the end of the week, dear Taurus. To relieve the tiredness, you must take proper rest. Adopt healthy sleeping habits. An eight-hour sound sleep will work like magic for your tired body. Also, do not overwork your habit. If you are unable to do some work, you should just drop it instead of stressing over it.

You will be an unbeatable force at work this week, dear Taurus. You will have to tackle a lot of challenges at work but you will be victorious in all of them. This week you will finally be able to meet the goals that you have been trying to for a long time. Keep the most important tasks scheduled first in the list of tasks. Complete them first before taking on something new.

You are very energetic in doing your work. However, you will also be stressed out, dear Taurus. Coping with all the work adds to the stress. You must take care of your mental health, dear friend. If you are tired and want some rest, you must say so. You must not compromise your mental health only to please others.

Dear Taurus, there is not much in your travel horoscope this week. You will stay at home when you are not at your workplace and at the workplace when you are not at home. You want to spend all your spare time, relaxing in your comfortable bed and watching the news. You will travel the entire country with some news and enjoy it the best that way only.

Colors of the Week: Grey, Blue, Black

Lucky Numbers of the Week: 2, 5, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: N, S, U

Cosmic Tip: Have the courage to say no to things that you do not like.

Tips for Singles: You must not keep your feelings to yourself. Say them out loud when you feel them.

Tips for Couples: Stay together but do not let your presence suffocate each other.

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