With the onset of the year, you may find yourself feeling very overwhelmed and vulnerable to every situation that you encounter. You may therefore be willing to confide in your closest friends and family for some support and also get some useful advice from them. During this time, you should be very conscious as to whom you choose to share every detail and secret with so that you do not feel backstabbed by them. You should make yourself a priority always. As the year keeps progressing, you will see a visible development in your well-being and feel very confident in your own skin as well.

Throughout the year you may not have any major health concerns but minor discomfort shall always be on your way. You may not want to exert yourself much through strenuous workouts and hectic schedules so make sure you give your body and mind the adequate relaxation it needs to feel rejuvenated again. Indulge yourself in clean and healthy habits only and have a properly nutritious diet at all times. This year may make you realize that health is a great asset that one has so you must go to any extent to upkeep that.

Considering the difficulties that you faced in the past years in your professional life, you have worked upon yourself and your skills and now have come a long way in your career. Your effort and dedication will be clearly visible to your mentors and you will overcome all the difficulties that you were facing. This will enhance your chances of being in the limelight to your mentor’s eyes and get a better position at work. Ensure that you are always on the lookout who give you deteriorating and pessimistic ideas and avoid those companies at all costs as they could be detrimental to your professional life to a great extent.

Throughout the entire year, you may feel startled by the sudden gushes of anxiety at certain situations. This may be arising out of your stress at your workplace or your hectic schedule in general. Be very conscious and cautious while you decide to confide your feelings and emotions as people may take it the other way around and this could hurt you. You may also feel both very sensitive and emotional and this could be intimidating to others but do not let yourself bottle up the feelings that you have embedded within yourself.

Traveling this year would be your way out to escape the emotions that you have been feeling intermittently. It may not be necessarily all long trips that you would be taking but short trips to your friend’s place could also make you feel relieved and emotionally upright. As it may be quite emotionally draining for you, make sure that you have given yourself the ultimate time to relax and rejuvenate yourself to the fullest during the trips you decide to take.

Colors of the Year: Blue, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the Year: 6, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: H, N

Cosmic Tip: this year is expected to bring you newer opportunities so make sure grab them as they come.

Tips for Singles: You may expect to meet your soulmate this year.

Tips for Couples: Support your partner in their all endeavors.

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