The holiday season may have brought more than its fair share of flirting and dabbling, and if you’re ready to get serious about getting serious, this is your week!

On Monday, January 7, your very own heavenly helper, Venus, grooves into Sagittarius and your playing-for-keeps eighth house. She only spends about one month a year in this realm, and while the sign of the astrological Archer is associated with freedom, the eighth house is all about deep connection and commitment.

Between Monday and February 3, you may find yourself craving the kind of intimacy that only comes from true soulful synergy. Couples can easily talk about next steps now, from moving in together to making babies together. It’s an especially good time for pooling resources, whether financial or creative means. (“You write the copy; I’ll do the graphics!”)

If you’re single, check in with yourself to determine whether you’re truly ready for this. (Because getting out of something may not be as easy as getting into it was.) And if you ARE prepared, then take a moment—or many—to envision what the next level of commitment would look and, especially, what it would feel like.

Since Venus rules romance and pleasure, you shouldn’t have to force exclusivity. If things don’t feel comfortable and natural, ask for more time to make your decision.

The deeper you dive, the heavier—and possibly scarier—the emotions you encounter will feel. The eighth house will surely spark your passions, but some Bulls may require greater assurances of trust, from fidelity to keeping private things private.

Spin that globe, Taurus! It can take a lot of momentum to yank you out of your comfort zone, yet Friday’s planetary pileup in your wanderlust zone may actually do the trick.

That’s the one day of the entire year when the potent Sun aligns with alchemical Pluto, and from 2008 to January 2024, this incantation is happening in Capricorn, the sign of practical magic, and your adventurous, worldly ninth house.

Caution and forbearance be damned: You’re longing for eclectic and life-altering experiences. You might research—or spontaneously take—a trip to a spiritual or unknown destination.

If you can’t go off the grid immediately, start planning a journey that has the potential to refresh your life. You may be a creature of habit, Bull, but you also have an intrepid spirit, and this rare transit may trigger things that surprise even you!

Don’t go along with a group plan on Sunday simply because you agreed to it a week ago. That was then and this is now, and under the tense vibes of a square between expansive Jupiter and nebulous Neptune, you may not be up for navigating dynamics that are all over the map.

It might be hard to get an accurate read on someone in your squad, or somebody may be trying to advance a personal agenda—neither of which will improve your mood. Make an executive decision and bow out (unless you are feeling it) and don’t apologize.

You need to take care of YOU, Taurus! This is the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares in 2019. The next two are on June 16 and September 21, but this theme may reverberate throughout the year.

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