You may think that with the holidays in the rearview, you can finally settle down for a long winter’s nap…but NO way, Leo! On Monday, January 7, vixen Venus strides into Sagittarius and your flirty, flamboyant fifth house until February 3. (Not coincidentally, this is the house associated with your spirited sign.)

You might as well accept the fact that you’ve got another festive four weeks ahead of you and not fight it. Under these sultry skies, you won’t have to go looking for a playmate in love or lust—or life in general.

For the past month, Venus was hunkered down in your fourth house of family, home and hibernation. But when she makes her yearly visit to your fifth house, it won’t take much coaxing to lure you out of your lair.

If you already have a special co-star to join in the fun, you’re ahead of the game. Over this monthlong transit, make sure this person is up for the task of being your plus-one; with your passion at its annual high, you won’t settle for “good enough.”

Baeless? Don’t shy away from taking the lead, from making the first move to playing director in the boudoir. Aesthetically minded Venus taps your romantic spirit and nudges you to up the glamour and luxury factor in your life. The fifth house also rules creativity, so if you even think you hear your muse pinging you, take the call.

How annoying! Just as you’re mentally heading out the door to kick off your weekend, duty calls, and it’s blaring through a megaphone. But this may be a call you want to heed, Leo.

Friday’s skies feature a not-to-be-missed mashup of your ruler, the radiant Sun, and game-changing Pluto in your house of organization, efficiency and service. This merger happens but once a year and tapping its potent energy can lay the groundwork for a radical (and well-deserved) change.

What aspects of your work could use some tweaking? Are you clear on your 2019 career goals? Now is the time for a system-wide review so you can blast ahead with minimum glitches. Don’t overlook the tech side of life.

Make sure your software and skills are up to snuff; if they’re not, get busy upgrading. Secretive Pluto reminds you of the primacy of strong passwords and malware protection.

The new year is a perfect time to get even more hard-core about your digital security. Back up all important data to multiple locations, and for anything that’s truly sensitive, consider using a password vault and/or a VPN.

No, Leo, there’s nothing wrong with your vision. The line between love and lust might be extra blurry on Sunday as #NoLimits Jupiter in your passion zone locks horns with dreamy Neptune in your house of intense emotions.

Single? It’ll be almost too easy to pursue a physical attraction—and if that’s all you’re seeking, there’s no reason NOT to. Yet the Neptune connection suggests that you might be hoping for more.

If you know you want someone who can go the distance, don’t give the players or posers the time of day. In an LTR? Could the home fires use a refresh? Here’s where full-blown fantasy will work in your favor.

Don the Agent Provocateur, download a few pages of the Kama Sutra, dim the lights and pull out all the stops. This is the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares in 2019. The next two are on June 16 and September 21, but this is a theme that will reverberate throughout the year.

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