Welcome to the communication station. This Monday, July 20 the Cancer new moon helps you clarify your messaging and clear up any misunderstandings that erupted while Mercury was retrograde from June 18 to July 12.

A month ago, on June 21, the solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer blew the lid off niceties. Difficult matters were pushed to the foreground, and you had to talk about them…ready or not. Since it’s uncommon for two new moons in a row to fall in the same zodiac sign, Monday’s lunar lift is especially rare.

If you’ve been avoiding THAT subject, ignoring certain contracts and paperwork, well…it’s time to face the music. Go in gently. New moons are starting blocks, and it might take until the December 29 Cancer FULL moon to gain resolution. Some Bulls have been struggling to set boundaries in a personal relationship.

While June’s eclipse brought a boost, Mercury’s backspin made it tough to articulate what you really wanted to say. The good news is, this Monday’s new moon brings a second chance at bat. Whether you want to revise your statement or completely change your tune, be clear and emphatically state your case. But make sure you’re ready to back up your words with action!

Did a project or partnership get put on hold due to 2020’s complicated circumstances? There are plenty of reasons to wait for “the right time” before you get started. But then again, Taurus, are there good reasons to move ahead, too?

You might recalculate your game plan starting Monday, as people step forward, ready to collaborate. And you won’t have to look far to find helping hands! A furloughed coworker might have a viable revenue-generating plan to discuss. A talented friend or sibling could volunteer to co-produce a project or online fundraiser.

A neighborhood venue could also revamp its re-opening and provide you with possibilities. Be open to all ideas, even the ones your pragmatic sign would normally brush off. A conversation doesn’t commit you to anything, Taurus! But if you listen with an open mind, you might be stirred to try something

Chateau Toro could get all kinds of upgrades starting this Wednesday, July 22, as the Sun hunkers down in luxuriating Leo and your domestic fourth house. Until August 22, your nesting instincts could lead you down some creative trails. If possible, find some square footage and reclaim it as your studio or office.

Whether you’re painting, recording songs, or starting a counseling service by Zoom is up to you. “Form follows function,” as the saying goes, and the point here is to delineate your space as a supportive place for your 2020 passions. If you do, you’ll be amazed by your own productivity!

Feeling the urge for a little summer vacay? While restrictions have limited everyone, you still have options. Rent an apartment-style Airbnb so you can cook your own meals; or see if a friend who’s been following healthy guidelines wants to trade spaces for a few weeks.

If your space is already picture perfect, Leo season could inspire you to take better care of your body—AKA your soul’s address here on Earth. Could your diet use a cleanup? Might you forgo those rose slushies? Are you eating at regular intervals throughout the day? With the Libra moon doing lunges in your wellness corner all weekend, a short-term detox would do wonders.

Restock the kitchen with healthy ingredients, chug tons of water, get out and move your body in the fresh air. Even if you start out feeling sluggish, energy builds quickly the more you’re in motion. The journey of 10,000 daily steps begins with a single mile.

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