Practical concerns have often overtaken your passionate desires in the past, but right now, you’re more dedicated to matters of the heart than almost anything else.

Even if you’re not quite ready to be face-to-face with a love interest, that time will come soon. Until then, you’re pondering what love means to you, and you’re prepared to change the way you approach romance.

Look deep inside of yourself and ask yourself what it’ll take to be really happy. When you begin to dig for answers in your heart of hearts, you’ll have a clearer purpose and a vision of what’s possible.

Continue to build your dreamy goals for love, because you deserve a life of ecstatic joy and romantic fulfillment.

Try not to see a romantic or relationship snafu exaggeratedly now. It could be easy to see something simple and straightforward as inflated, and this could be the source of unnecessary anxiety or frustration.

It might also be helpful to look inward at why you react to something or a particular development in the way you do.

If you’re prepared to look deeply within yourself for an answer, then it can likely be found and applied now.

The New Moon is in Cancer and in your 3rd house of communication today, and it is also trining Neptune in your 11th house.

This aspect between the planets is emphasizing the importance of having a strong sense of friendship between you and your lover, in order to provide a stable foundation and connection through which you can experience a mental connection.

Healthy and fulfilling relationships almost constantly have friendship as their basis and in order to have friendship with someone, it is necessary that you are honest, transparent and open with one another.

Therefore today would be a great time to make sure that all lines of communication are kept open between you and your partner and to get curious about what stands in the way of you and your partner being as clear and communicative with one another as you could be.

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