It’s not so much that the cat will have your tongue starting this Thursday, June 18. Your feline issue will be to not let it out of the bag! During messenger Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Cancer and your communication sector (until July 12), simple communiques can come out garbled, and emails and texts meant for one set of eyes only could accidentally reach several more. The takeaway?

Review, edit and revise everything before hitting send! You might be a bit more thin-skinned than usual, but knowing this in advance MIGHT make you less prone to strong emotional outbursts. Let people have their say, but you may need to cut in when a casual conversation threatens to conflate into a fiery fiasco over the coming three weeks. Guard your privacy during this transit by creating stronger passwords (or switching to a “vault” or “wallet”), and don’t leave your phone lying around in random places.

If you’re hunkered down with a writing or media project, however, give yourself plenty of time to research and revamp until you’re happy with the results. If possible, save the publication or reveal until late July.

It’s sure to be a lively four weeks nevertheless as the ebullient Sun blasts into that expressive and social third house on Saturday, launching Cancer season, which lasts until July 22. The longest day of the year kicks off your annual cycle for making new friends and reconnecting with others who’ve fallen off your “heavy rotation.” And no need to “recruit” anyone into your circle.

During this golden period, you can’t help but be magnetic; people are going to find YOU. This can be good news for singles, but take your time. (Mercury is still retrograde here, so definitely “try before you buy.”) And because the third house rules community activity, you may be eager to make up for lost time on the local scene. But stay bullish, and don’t rush into anything until you’ve investigated all the safety precautions and feel 100 percent comfortable.

And if you still need more inspo on the venturing-out-into-the-wider-world front…Sunday’s skies feature the first of two rare back-to-back new moons in Cancer—this one an energizing solar eclipse—which lands alongside the Sun and Mercury in your third house.

This is the final solar eclipse in a series that began shaking up the Cancer-Capricorn axis on July 12, 2018. Where have you been holding back, Taurus? Whether you’ve been keeping something in out of fear of rocking the boat or treating an adult like they’re a child, it’s time to take off the kid gloves and speak honestly. You’ll have the gift of gab, which you can use to power up your flirting skills.

Couples should create space on the calendar for heartfelt dialogue that’s not distracted by your to-do lists. The second Cancer new moon, on July 20, can bring a second wave of motivational energy. Plan to get something started NOW so you can go on a tear later next month!
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