Feathering and fluffing can go a long way to turn the mundane masterful. But how much is too much? It can be hard for your detail-oriented sign to draw the line, especially since your galactic governess—romantic, aesthetic Venus—is trailing through Cancer and your meticulous third house from May 19 to June 13.

But look out, Bull! This Tuesday, June 5 piercing Pluto will sit directly opposite Venus in the sky, which can ratchet your obsession with “the little things” to dangerously disruptive levels. For one thing, Pluto’s competitive urges could suck you into a compare-and-despair vortex. Sure, check out other people’s work for inspiration, but stay in YOUR unique lane as an innovator, not an imitator.

If you find yourself fussing in the mirror every five minutes, break that trance. What you need early this week is NOT another selfie shoot, but something more physical like a nature hike, living room dance party or a crafting night with creative friends.

When you’re radiating self-love (instead of worrying about how you look) you draw people to you like a moth to a flame. Has someone in your life grown a wee bit too comfortable doling out unsolicited fashion or other “self-improvement” advice? As politely as possible, let them know that you’d prefer that they keep their pro-tips to themselves.

On Wednesday, when a balancing quarter moon in Pisces lights up your collaborative eleventh house, membership could prove to have privileges. Venture beyond your usual circumference. You could become an active member of a mastermind group or a seriously strategic socializer.

As business guru Jim Rohn proposes, you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time around. The takeaway: Choose your company wisely and make sure everyone on Team Toro is contributing equitably.

The eleventh house also rules technology, so if you have something to promote, you might make a noticeable splash on social networking a no-brainer.

But first, try to get a sense of yourself the way strangers would see you. Are your photos well-lit and inviting? Are your posts and comments engaging? And is there anything that could potentially be embarrassing or inappropriate for professional connections that needs to come down?

The goal needn’t be to make every post go viral (this is a chill quarter moon, not a full moon). Just Google your name and make sure you’re satisfied with what you see.

On Thursday, however, leaning on certain folks could be as stabilizing as planting your Nikes in quicksand! As the illuminating Sun gets filtered by Neptune’s hazy veil, people’s true colors might not be as rainbow-bright as you imagined. Don’t be fooled by social personas.

That charismatic dynamo might be a better “unpaid motivational speaker” than a legit source of support. Sparkleponies come in many packages, Taurus. Under this befuddling mash-up, even your go-to wing-people might be MIA near Thursday.

But before you start the pity party, find out what’s really going on. Could it be that they’re just involved in their own interpersonal dramas and distractions and this has nothing to do with you?

There IS a silver lining here. Perhaps this is the chance (one you didn’t even know you were waiting for) to nurture a newer friendship, one that could evolve into a kindred-spirit-grade bond. /TheAstroTwins

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