It is expected to be mostly full of love and appreciation however little disagreements could lead to proper miscommunications so make sure that you and your partner are indulging in very clear and distinct conversations with each other. Spend quality time with friends and family and make sure that you spend time with your partner as well to know what they expect out of the relationship as deeper conversations would help strengthen the bond.

You will face no such inconveniences when it comes to your health this week. Nevertheless, you should not deviate yourself from good eating habits and lifestyles as well. Delve into clean and balanced eating habits and make sure you stay hydrated and also have a proper sleep schedule. Indulge into routine workouts but do not burn or wear yourself out at the onset of the week. Take it slow on yourself.

The stars are aligned in your favor this week to give you all the good luck when it comes to your career. Undertaking difficult tasks and completing them would help you claim appreciation and value from your mentor. Your peers may also feel the need to consult you for work-related advice. Investments in shares, mutual funds, or real estate would also get you a hefty amount of profit and make you feel more financially sound.

Your spirits would absolutely be high throughout the week. From time to time you may feel that there are some shortcomings in your personal relationships and that is when you should delve into good conversations and make sure you clear the air completely leaving no space for ambiguity. Your optimism and self-confidence will also have a very dominant impact on your career as well.

Travel to a foreign land might be in the books for you although it would exclusively be work-related. You may not get the adequate time to reboot your mind and body and relax throughout the tenure but this travel would be very favorable for you as it might get you some new work opportunities and also help you find new ways to invest and earn a few extra bucks so make sure you do not ignore or avoid this opportunity at any cost.

Color of the week – Baby blue and silver.

Lucky number – 2, 6

Lucky alphabet – P, S

Cosmic tip– Prioritise the happenings on your professional front as this might pave the way for you to shine.

Tip for singles – Work would assume priority but do not neglect the social life.

Tip for couples – Communication is the key to avoiding unnecessary arguments.

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