Establish clear lines of communication. You must speak with those that want to understand, and if they do not hear initially, you must reassert yourself. The best part is that you should not have to do anything with what you say! You may be ready to obtain it easily at work.

You can be concerned about your private life as well. Since the pineal gland is functioning, this is an excellent time for meditating. Because the Sun and Mercury will be influencing the facial area, you should pay particular attention to the health of your facial tissues. Spas offer treatments to soothe and restore muscles.

Examine your previous actions and devise a concrete course of action for the foreseeable. Those searching for employment may see themselves well on their way to securing a suitable position. Others may also see a boost in their career this week. Law scholars are inclined to make a name for themselves in their field.

Take some lessons from today’s astrological conjunction if you’ve gotten yourself into a tricky situation in a current relationship and don’t understand how to get through it. This could assist you in classifying your relationship priorities and then creating a series of tasks that will allow you to delight your lover. At the very same time, allowing yourself to be paralysed by uncertainty or a hazy vision might not have been a good idea. Don’t believe everything you hear because it’s just a figment of your mind. It is preferable to face reality and accomplish what has to be solved immediately.

Taurus, you’re a beast! There’s no question in your mind that you’re prepared for the new journey; consequences be damned. Even if you choose to go grandiose, understand that there is value in the small things. Don’t hesitate to savour the moment now and then.

Colors of the Week -Pink, Grey

Lucky numbers of the Week – 1, 5, 7.

Lucky Alphabets, you will be in sync with– J, N.

Cosmic Tip: Take up an old hobby. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Tips for Singles – Take yourself out on a date!

Tips for Couples – Spend some quality time with your partner.

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