Be ready to experience that romantic connection with someone close to your heart. You may feel that extreme spiritual and emotional level of compatibility with that person which may make you feel that it is what you have been looking forward to all your life. Be grateful to the alignment of stars and cherish the moment that the universe has to offer you. Make sure you do not act in a passive-aggressive manner and spoil this entire perfect time that you were about to experience.

You will have extremely good health and energy all throughout this week so make sure that you put your energy into something very useful and not fool around the entire time. You may end up splurging in some exotic and special food items that are more on the healthier side because your sole intention would be to pamper and take care of your body. Indulge in slight to moderate workouts such as yoga or brisk walking.

Life is going to throw a lot of lemons at you when it comes to working this week, Taurus but it will all be very peaceful for you because you will have your spirits high all throughout the time. Make sure you are applying good strategies at work and this will get you through the worst and toughest issues. Display your leadership skills extensively and expect some good praise from your mentors.

Spiritual and emotional conversations with your partner would help you have your spirits up throughout the week. They will make you feel how proud they are to have you beside them so you will feel appreciated a lot. This will give you that boost of morale that you always wanted to bring about in yourself and be rest assured that you will have stress and overthinking at bay for the time being.

Travel is in the books for you, Taurus. You may be surprised by a special trip from your partner or will be taken on a trip with your peers at work. Whatever it is, be rest assured that it is going to be all fun and games and nothing hectic. It will be one spontaneous ride for you so make sure you hold onto the horses and do not let yourself spend extravagantly on unnecessary times that you do not require at all.

Color of the week – Orange and bright yellow

Lucky number -1, 4

Lucky alphabet – H, R

Cosmic tip – Thank the Universe for everything that you have been receiving.

Tip for singles – Converse with people and increase your possibility to meet the one.

Tip for couples – There could be a lot of crying and hugging during conversations but do not avoid it.

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