Make a list and check it twice. With motivator Mars barreling through your work and wellness zone since October 22, you really do WANT to be productive. This frenetic cycle can bring bursts of productivity, but it can also drive you to distraction. As rule-breaker Uranus faces off with Mars this week, you’re going to have to adopt a more moderate approach—and avoid the deprivation mindset at all costs!

Like Bull babe Janet Jackson, you abide by the pleasure principle. If you skim too much cream off the top, you may rebel against your own self-imposed structures. So how about a happy medium? Try on “healthy hedonism” as a lifestyle choice. Screen out distractions (Facebook, the office gossip) from 9-5 so you don’t have to stay late and skip all the soirees. But DO reward yourself after a hard day’s work! Enjoy the things that make you happy in moderation, with a clear sense of where your limits lie. Warning: With the combustible cosmic combo of a Mars-Uranus opposition at play, don’t push it with addictive substances or dangerous liaisons. If you know that sugar or martinis or toxic Tinderonis take you down a slippery slope, avoid the first contact. Find substitutes, like savory snacks, mocktails or a cool wingwoman, and come to those parties prepared.

On Friday, December 1 your cosmic custodian Venus slinks into Sagittarius and your playing-for-keeps eighth house until Christmas Day. Are you done dabbling yet? Over the coming few weeks, you may find yourself craving the kind of intimacy that only comes from soul-deep connections. If you’re ready to take the plunge, envision what the next level of commitment would look like. Once a loyal and devoted Taurus goes all in, it’s never easy to extricate yourself.

Luckily, Venus rules romance and pleasure, so this evolution should feel quite natural. But take your time to decide! On Sunday, December 3 mental Mercury turns retrograde—also in Sagittarius and your playing-for-keeps eighth house—until the 22nd. As your emotions run hot and cold, you could also misread signals. Alas, gut instincts are not enough of a barometer now. Even if you “get a really great feeling” about someone, run the background checks and observe the full picture. Who do they hang out with—and how deep do THOSE relationships seem to go? Though it’s not the full story, you can tell a lot about people by the company they keep.

Warning: With Mercury unspooling in this relationship-focused section of your chart, getting that hotter-than-a-bonfire ex out of your mind won’t be easy—and it won’t help matters much that said ex could start pouring on the charm with out-of-the-blue texts or a request to reconnect over drinks. But there was a reason you called this off…remember? If it was more than bad timing that broke you apart, think twice before inviting this person back into your well-ordered universe. In a relationship? Having the messenger planet do backstrokes alongside Venus in this intriguing (and sometimes) jealous sector of your chart may bring out your possessive side. If you’re toying with snooping or Googlestalking, don’t.

This breach of trust will damage a relationship more than simply asking the person in question to speak to your fears. Coupled Bulls may hit some stumbling blocks over a joint bank account or other shared resources. Instead of a blowup, proactively schedule time to hash out mutually agreeable terms. Define, define, define. Has your relationship passed every road test in the book? This Venus cycle can help you formalize your partnership in a more permanent way. Congratulations to you! If you can help yourself, do wait until Mercury turns direct after the 22nd to share your big announcement on social media or to slip off to the courtroom for any licenses. If it’s going to be a happily-ever-after thing, waiting for this astrologically-auspicious moment is not a huge deal.

Sunday’s full moon in Gemini and your second house of finances could usher in a windfall over the next couple weeks. To lock down that holiday bonus, make sure the powers-that-be are aware of your contributions! Seize any opportunity possible for one-on-on time with the execs. While you’re helping to collate handouts or driving together to a pitch meeting, you can smoothly mention your greatest hits of 2017. Of course, there are other ways to network besides the obvious ones. The weekend’s ultra-rare and enchanted alignment of lucky Jupiter and soothsayer Neptune might bring a fateful connection while you’re out mixing and mingling. Skip the gritty dive bars and plant yourself among a high-vibe tribe. Your future investor, whale client or romantic interest may be hanging in the crowd.

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