Relationship reboot? Whatever your partnership status, you might feel like you’re turning back the clock this Tuesday, October 13, as Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships.

While the full backspin lasts until November 3—the communication planet retreats into Libra and your work and wellness zone on October 27—the first couple of weeks throw interpersonal dynamics into the spotlight. Under this signal-scrambling transit, it can feel like you’re riding a non-stop roller coaster…or maybe a time machine.

Single Bulls will enjoy reconnecting with a sweet someone you dated years ago, even just as “friends.” Coupled Taureans should direct the action to nostalgic experiences that bring out the best in your bond. Just don’t go digging up skeletons, especially if you agreed to leave those issues buried for good.

The temptation to start a fight will be stronger than you think, especially if you’re feeling bored, frustrated or cooped up in your shared space. When Mercury’s retrograde, a tiny bit of tension can quickly escalate into an all-out war. Hit pause and do the “re” words: review recent events, reflect on what you want to say, and relax a little so you don’t come at it stressed out.

Reinvent the relationship you have or the kind you want to manifest! During retrograde cycles, old or buried feelings can resurface (another “re” word). Feel them and process them, but don’t feel the need to act on them. This is the universe handing you a perfect opportunity to get crystal clear about your feelings and take the time to do the necessary inner work which will prep you to RE-direct your union or dive back into the dating pool.

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Fall Cleanup Friday, anyone? As the year’s only new moon in Libra powers up your sixth house of efficiency and healthy routines, your eyes won’t be able to glaze over when you spot a mess. Call a time-out to get everything back on track. (Hello, weekend project?) Your grounded earth sign functions best when you’re in a tidy, organized workspace. Has your schedule or space gotten a little disorganized or hard to manage?

If there’s some decluttering or downsizing to do, you can bring order to the Taurus court with a few dedicated hours of systematizing. But don’t neglect the aesthetic part of the project. You don’t need to get generic “garage” shelving to hold all your important books, papers and what have you.

The sixth house also rules health and self-care, so if you’ve been slacking off in those departments, shuffle the deck and raise their priority rating. Make daily movement, whether walking, jogging or dancing, a part of your lifestyle. In the kitchen, give yourself the time to cook up healthy gourmet meals—making enough to bring for lunch.

Warning: This new moon forms a tense T-square (three-way tug-of-war) with feisty Mars in Aries and your twelfth house of healing, plus the trio of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn and your visionary ninth house. Small shifts may not be enough to satisfy you under this lunar lift. If you’re ready to give your life an extreme makeover, take on a 30-day challenge with a health coach, or apply for a transfer at work. You have the green light to go big, Bull!

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