You may test the limits of your power and authority at work this week as ambitious Mars in your professional zone gets into a smackdown with game-changing Uranus in your steadfast sign.

It’s like that old physics paradox: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? You might actually find out firsthand on Tuesday, September 18, when the third and final of 2018’s Mars-Uranus squares takes place. (The previous ones were on May 16 and August 2—that second time, Mars was retrograde, and this time around, Uranus is the one in reverse, which can play out very differently.)

On the one hand, you relish the opportunities that come with leadership, but sometimes all those responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially when people interpret your presence to mean they can coast. Under this galvanizing clash, things might come to a head—and you may come to the end of your (long!) fuse.

But you know you can’t “make” anyone do anything; the best you can hope for is to motivate them (okay, or threaten them, but that’s not your jam). If you need to get everyone back on the same page, call a meeting, order coffee, cronuts or pizza, and rekindle enthusiasm for your shared mission.

Then delegate tasks and let people know you’re counting on them to deliver. If you truly don’t feel like you can rally these troops, it may be time to move on—and this Mars-Uranus confab could be the strong tailwind that finally pushes you out the door.

Find a place to hang up your dancing shoes, Bull. This Saturday, the life-affirming Sun marches out of your festive fifth house and into Libra and your wellness zone until October 23. These next four weeks are all about YOU, from your daily work routines from your health to your own self-care.

This is something you have to do for Numero Uno because no one else can do it for you! Slow down enough to regroup and assess your priorities. You can only run on fumes for so long before you burn out, and then you’ll have to climb a major mountain to get back to radiant health (so, um, don’t procrastinate on this mission).

You don’t have to pull a radical 180: Make small, sustainable steps, like cutting way back on sugar and other inflammation-producing foods and loading up on healthy produce and lean protein. Check out new yoga, dance or fitness studios that promise more challenge and more FUN!

This is also a perfect time to get those annual check-ups and tune-ups on the books before you the new insurance year. Sprinkle in some pleasure by scheduling some “preventive” treatments, like aromatherapy massages and acupuncture. Need another reason to keep your engines purring? The job could become busier

AND you might have far more after-work social obligations, thanks to garrulous Libra season. But expanding your network is key to growth.

Make sure your online presence is as polished as you are. Also, with cerebral Mercury cruising in tandem with the Sun from Friday until October 9, you’ll need your wits about you, so in addition to eating right, get plenty of quality sleep—and increase your Omega 3s!

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