Lately, Taurus, it seems like everyone is relying on you for SOME basic need. But unless you birthed them, they’re going to have to take a number. Focusing on “me, myself and I” should be your priority starting this Tuesday, September 19 as your ruler, glamorous, amorous Venus, picks up steam with her agenda. Until October 14, she’ll be cruising through your fifth house of fame, flirtation and fashion-forward flamboyance.

Step out of those low-lying areas and let yourself be seen! (And maybe not in yoga pants EVERY day?) Feel free to make a pit stop at the salon (or in wardrobe and styling) because the whole world feels like your runway for the next few weeks. Your social life—and your love life—are sure to see an uptick with Venus here. Get your name on a couple invite lists and you’ll quickly reclaim your rightful place among the cultural cognoscenti.

Single Bulls might have some fresh arm candy to show off before mid-October. If you’re attached, Venus could get you ridiculously inspired to co-create, and that may span the range from redecorating your bedroom to getting sized for rings. The fifth house rules fertility, and “getting in the family way” could suddenly seem like a romantic idea. All Tauruses can harness Venus’ artistic and musical powers now, so pick up the tools of your creative trade and ply them!

Your champagne wishes and caviar dreams get another can-do boost on Wednesday, thanks to a new moon joining Venus in Virgo. Everywhere you look, you’ll see room for an upgrade—but that can also be a little bit of a problem for your luxe-loving sign. Though you’d love to live as if money were no object (and hey, maybe it isn’t), don’t let your sensible side go on sabbatical. This new moon is in fellow earth sign Virgo, after all.

You can still get a rush from simple pleasures, like filling your house with verdant plants or splurging on a high-end bag that you can use every day instead of one or two special occasions. Romantically, this new moon brings a reset. Try a different dating app or, better yet, take a break from digital romance and get involved in extracurriculars where you stand a chance of meeting someone who shares your values and interests.

Coupled Bulls can embark on a new chapter together, getting involved in a charitable cause or a group that is centered around self-improvement or spirituality. But back to YOU, Bull. This new moon nudges you into the public eye. Over the coming six months, you could make a noteworthy impact in the world and even attract a buzz from the media. Start putting energy into your passion (or platform) and think about visual presentation. We don’t need to tell your Venus-ruled sign that well-lit photos and sleek graphics will give your presentation the edge.

On Friday, your self-care mission takes a turn towards the healthier as the Sun marches into Libra and your wellness zone until October 23. Swap out the truffles for raw cacao—or maybe take a time out from sugar and other inflammation-producing food in the name of reigniting your inner glow. Your body will flourish from the clean, green love you bestow upon it. And don’t let cooling temps leave you in a sedentary slump! Scout out fitness studios with classes that sound fun—and arrive early so you can set your mat up in the front row for prime mirror views. Libra is the partnership sign, so having an “accountabili-buddy” can keep you on point.

You won’t even notice that you biked ten miles as you pedal alongside your pal (or S.O.) on the trail. Don’t forget the less sexy but equally important aspects of wellness like adequate hydration and SLEEP! They’re the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, so make a conscious effort to carry a refillable water bottle with you daily and to turn off the Kardashians at least an hour before hitting the sack.

This is also a good time for your annual check-ups and tune-ups with your doc. While you’re at it, schedule a few “preventive” treatments, like a detoxifying massage and chi-boosting acupuncture. Another reason to keep your engines running on clean fuel? Work is going to be busier and more demanding thanks to this solar-surge. With social Libra ruling this part of your chart, building up your network is essential.

More evenings may be devoted to industry shindigs. You don’t have to stay all night (though you might), but making an appearance can create a sense of familiarity within your circle of influence. Polish your online profiles because people are bound to Google you after you hand them your card. If you’re happy at your current gig, set up a performance review and discuss growth opportunities. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, the sixth house can always help you become more efficient. Spend a little time in the next month revamping your systems so you can work smarter, not harder.

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