This is a good day for taking it easy and engaging your imagination, dear Taurus. A New Moon will occur tomorrow, setting you off in a new direction, and today is a great time for considering what you’d like to improve, particularly related to creativity, romance, and play.

An opposition between Mercury and Neptune can point to a need to pull back from overthinking things, as well. Do your best to avoid misunderstandings and double check your facts. It’s also a good idea to seek out harmless ways to engage your imagination and need for drama in your life.

Watch that you don’t get carried away by an idea or vision that takes you too far away from what needs to get done, but do find ways to satisfy your itch for new options and possibilities when it’s appropriate to do so.

You might think that you are being completely transparent now, so you don’t understand why your friends are confused by what you say. Unfortunately, there is an apparent disparity between what leaves your mouth and what enters someone’s ears today.

Do your best to get your point across and then let it go. Your packed schedule doesn’t leave you much time to backtrack to explain your message.

Wyatt Earp said, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”

You might be moving into some important days on the work front and life might be getting busy, but today is all about matters of the heart.

For the space of just under nine hours, every resource that will have any impact on matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative are here at the same time.

This includes a New Moon that puts the kind of bubble around today that no excuses can penetrate.

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