If plans to take a trip or a workshop got delayed this summer, they might spark back up starting Thursday, September 6, when disciplined Saturn ends a five-month retrograde in Capricorn and your ninth house of travel, adventure and education.

With the structured planet back in forward motion, you can pick up where you left off—but follow his vigilant lead and take your sweet old time. If you’ve waited THIS long, you might as well strive to get everything right before you bolt. Research best fares, then put in alerts so you’ll be sure to get a good deal on flights and accommodations. In the meantime, scratch your wanderlust itch with WhatsApp or Skype calls to far-flung friends.

Since the ninth house also rules publishing and entrepreneurship, now, with Saturn back on track, you could steamroll over any obstacles that delayed your forward progress earlier in the year. The lesson here? Come up with a strategy, proceed with caution, have a fallback plan in case you hit too many speed bumps, but stay the course. Then, when you get that string of green lights, hit the gas and go!

Sunday’s stars give two thumbs up to both new and existing relationships. Early in the day, your cosmic ruler, affectionate Venus, waltzes into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships for an extended stay. She’ll be here on and off until early 2019 thanks to a retrograde cycle from October 5 to November 16.

Since the love planet demands harmony, trust and honest communication in all unions, if yours aren’t up to snuff, you’ll probably need to do some “realignment” work. You’ll crave a certain degree of commitment in your romantic involvements, and if they’re not forthcoming, this could lead to some dramatic plot twists.

But check in with your heart and make sure you’re pursuing what YOU want, not someone else’s punch list. Venus brings a creative edge to everything she touches, so use this cycle to design a relationship that’s right for you. For single Bulls, Venus can hold up a lantern that lights the path to a potential mate who’s reliable, fair-minded AND shares your spiritual values. Just remember: Even relationships that feel fated or karmic require some degree of compromise.

Later on Sunday, the year’s only new moon in Virgo electrifies your fifth house of amour, glamour, passion and creativity. Under this luxe lunar lift, you may not be interested in anything that includes the words “budget” or “economy.” The good news is that you don’t have to dial down the sensuality or passion. (And why should you?) Your earthy sign gets a pretty big rush from simple pleasures, like placing fresh-cut flowers around the house and cooking up a dish that will fill the kitchen with aromatic fragrances.

Romantically, this new moon can hit the reset button on a stagnant (or flat-lining) love life. Download a different dating app—or take a hiatus from the digital dating scene altogether. By getting more involved in activities you love, you’ll get a head start on meeting someone who shares at least one of your interests. Coupled Bulls may enjoy seeing more live events together, whether music, sports or comedy. Couples that play together, stay together!

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