Too many opinions—like too many chefs in the kitchen—will either spoil the soup or confuse the heck out of you, so close the polls, Taurus. On Tuesday, September 10, the self-confident Sun in your creative fifth house locks into a loopy opposition with nebulous Neptune in your collaborative zone, adding a load of mud to previously clear waters.

So THAT’S why you can’t seem to make a decision to save your life! Neptune sees all possibilities and can get a bit lost really imagining them all. You’ll catch another wave of this same bewildering energy on Saturday, when impulsive Mars forms the same angle to Neptune.

If you don’t want to field all that well-meaning (yet ultimately confusing) feedback from the peanut gallery, don’t even let people know what you’re thinking about. If you’re trying to organize a group for work or pleasure, you might have a better chance of herding cats. People will be marching—and dancing and twerking—to their own beats, and consensus is beyond hope. Pass the baton to someone who’s more comfortable in boss mode, and just enjoy being e pluribus unum.

On Thursday, you might confuse trust with lust, and the latter could win out. Sultry Mars is heating up the action in your passionate fifth house and will have a rare (once-a-year) collision with no-limits Jupiter in your eighth house of eroticism and intimacy.

Nothing wrong with pursuing a mutual attraction (assuming you’re both available, or at least consenting adults). But what starts off as no-strings seduction could lead you somewhere you’re not ready (or willing) to go.

Resist the magnetic pull of the moment and fast-forward to potential consequences. If this is more likely to result in heartache than pure pleasure, think twice—or however many times it takes to bring you back to your senses. Really stuck here? Flip the script. What if the object of your affection (or committed partner!) was the one “just having some fun” with an attractive stranger?

On Saturday, your intergalactic guardian, stylista Venus, makes her annual visit to Libra and your sixth house of wellness (and self-care!) until October 8, this year accompanied by messenger Mercury, who’s glued to her side until October 3.

If you’ve been wanting to overhaul a certain area of life—your workout routines or your diet—now is THE time to come up with a game plan and get your heart pumping! This is extra important for you, Taurus, as your sedentary earth sign NEEDS to get regular exercise. For motivation, recruit bae or a BFF to be your workout buddy and turn each other onto newly discovered favorite classes and teachers.

Compassionate Venus ramps up the pleasure principle, so book some appointments for massage, energy work or maybe even craniosacral or sound healing. A fringe benefit to all this is that, if you’re single, you could meet some health-conscious eligibles at the gym, out cycling or picking up fresh fall greens at the farmer’s market!

More excitement is in store on Saturday as the Pisces full moon powers up your super-social eleventh house. You don’t need a reason to round up your crew and organize a happy hour hang or maybe put together a fall trivia team. But if someone has some big news to celebrate, then upgrade your choices and toast their success at a chic hotel’s rooftop bar!

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