Incoming arrows! Cupid’s Crossbow is aimed your way beginning Tuesday, June 6 as your ruler, romantic Venus, kicks off her annual sojourn through your sensual sign. Bring on the long, slow kisses and candlelight dinners. Put the good sheets on the bed and decorate the boudoir with a few more candles. These next four weeks are sure to sparkle with dreamy romanticism! Single? Magnetically attracting exciting people will be like child’s play for you. The challenge is deciding which ones are worth spending time with and getting to know better. Staying present in the moment and not mentally fast-forwarding months or years down the road will help.

Enjoy your time together, and keep an open mind. Not everyone makes a good first impression—and some people do but it’s all smoke and mirrors. Luckily you have patience in spades, Taurus, so hold out and enjoy the slow, sexy buildup. If you’re in a relationship, remember: Absence really does make the heart grow fonder—and the libido stronger. If you’re attached at the hip, cut yourselves some slack and pursue your individual interests. Then, when you get back together, you’ll have all kinds of interesting things to share with each other.

Taken a tumble off the wellness wagon? Don’t beat yourself up, Bull; GET up! Everyone goes through cycles with healthy eating and exercise, and you may have been struggling to stick to a positive regimen much of this year. It might be attributable to the fact that confident Jupiter has been spinning backward in your health-oriented sixth house since February 6. But this Friday, when the expansive and optimistic planet resumes forward movement, you may instantly feel like you’re back in control. With this healthy about-face, your motivation and energy will come rushing back, along with a clear and focused vision on the steps you need to take to steer your life in your desired direction. Instead of getting upset about the “lost time” of the past four months, see it as fuel—strengthening your resolve to “get it right” this time around.

This Jupiter cycle lasts until October 10, and you’ll have the greatest success if you combine physical efforts with increased mindfulness. Just as you wouldn’t drive to work without paying attention to the signs, now you understand you need to watch for the signals that might lead you astray. This enhanced consciousness extends to your professional goals as well. Rather than going about things in your typical Taurus fashion—i.e., stubbornly plowing ahead—stop and write out your priorities, down to the tiniest detail, which will help with the visualizing and thus, the manifesting.

Friday also brings a full moon in Sagittarius—the only one of 2017—and it powers up your eighth house of eroticism, deep intimacy and shared resources. Partnerships can get a whole lot deeper now, but before you commit to anyone or anything, double check the fine print. Whatever you’re getting yourself into this week won’t be easy to get out of (which in many cases is a GOOD thing). Still, it behooves you to run all necessary background checks, literally and metaphorically. If money is involved, make sure the terms and repayment schedule are etched in stone and the contract properly executed. On a way more fun level, this full moon reboots your seductive powers. Chemistry that’s been simmering for a while could explode into a bodice-ripping all-nighter before the week is through. /By AstroStyle

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