You’re more of a handful than your partner originally thought.


You play it so cool at the beginning that your clinginess and neediness completely throw your partner off.


You’re so nervous and filled with such self-doubt your partner is usually forced to end things before you do it yourself.


You are filled with underlying insecurities that cause you to constantly question your partner while constantly needing reassurance they love you.


You are completely full of yourself and as cute as your partner first thought it was, they’re now seeing it’s a huge turn off.


You are too critical and you over think everything, often making your partner not feel like they’re good enough or doing enough.


You are constantly feeling sorry for yourself and thinking the world is out to get you, it’s completely draining for your partner to be with you.


You try to cover up and hide too much from your partner that they just can’t trust you.


You fill your relationships with too many empty promises that your partner doesn’t know when they can rely on you or not.


You hold too many grudges over the little things that cause unnecessary fights and ultimately drives your partner to resent you.


You close your heart off and pretend you don’t have feelings because you’re afraid to be vulnerable, but all this actually does is cause your partner to walk away because you can’t be open with them.


You’re always still asking for more and it makes your partner feel inadequate because they feel like they’re still not enough to make you happy. /By Becca Martin

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