Who needs autonomy when astrology can make your decisions for you?

I haven’t planned a vacation in years. In fact, I consider astrology to be a better parent than my own parents were. Everything’s all worked out already, and all my decisions are made for me.

I’m being slightly sarcastic because I actually do love astrology, but thought it would be fun to write like someone who hates it for a minute.

Truth is, nobody wants to get stuck in the Miami club scene if they’re focused on health and wellness like say, a Virgo is.

So here’s our summer vacation guide that’s sure to match well with your personal characteristics, complete with recommendations for activities your zodiac sign is known to love.

Aries – Maui, Hawaii

Aries loves to keep busy, and are full of physical energy and a whole lot of passion. They’re fire signs who needs non-stop stimulation to avoid getting bored. I’m not talking about a nice hiking spot.

A vacation spot like Maui, Hawaii, where you can swim on the beach or go out partying for the night, then wake up to take a helicopter ride to go see a huge volcano erupting in front your eyes will do it for an Aries.

Taurus – Sayulita, Mexico

Taurus likes a laid back vacation where they can bask in good food, a gorgeous atmosphere, and a lot of peace and quiet. They need somewhere that stimulates all their senses without going TOO far from their home base as too much change really upsets their equilibrium.

Consider the famed resort in Mexico where they shot “Bachelor In Paradise,” Playa Escondida. It’s remote as hell, but is just a three hour non-stop flight from Los Angeles, and offers all the luxuries of life at home. Taurus loves their creature comforts.

Gemini – Rome, Italy

Gemini needs a spot that offers the opportunity to meet all kinds of people from distant places, where they can socialize with everyone. They are lovers of travel, and will go across the world to try new things, learn about different cultures and mingle with people from all walks of life.

A big city in a foreign country like Rome, Italy is perfect. There’s plenty to do, plenty of people to talk to, and opportunities to party.

Cancer – Montauk

Cancers love their home so much, it’s hard to pry them out with a crowbar. Their ideal vacation is staying at home where they’re surrounded by what’s familiar, but if they do travel, they love to do it with a close-knit inner circle of friends or with their family members.

Cancer is also a water sign, so a beach town where they can share a big house with their pals like Montauk, New York is a fantastic option.

Leo – Cairo, Egypt

Everything for a Leo needs to be big and fabulous. A trip to Cairo, Egypt where they can ride horses through the desert and dress in fine clothes would be the perfect opportunity for a Leo to channel their inner pharaoh.

Not to mention, Cairo has an active nightlife so they can hit the town dressed up head-to-toe in their best threads.

Virgo – Marrakech, Morocco

A little known fact about Virgo is they’re ruled by the planet Mercury, which represents communication, travel, and technology. They love to learn and will share facts with you they’ve picked up along the way. They love to travel to places they’ve never been and they’ll schedule every single day down to the minute with tours, activities, and spa treatments (because no Virgo will neglect their health).

Morocco is the perfect spot for a Virgo, filled with a rich history and plenty to do, like visiting Ouzoud Falls or the Secret Garden in Marrakesh.

Libra – Paris, France

Libras need their vacation spot to be romantic, aesthetically pleasing and expensive- at least it needs to FEEL expensive, as they’re ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money. Paris, France is a no-brainer. Even if you’re going alone, you’re likely to meet someone traveling in the city of love.

I mean the only other option is Virginia, which is supposedly “for lovers,” but as someone who grew up there, I can tell you Virginia is better for buying weed behind 7-Eleven.

Scorpio – Yandup Island, Panama

Scorpio is a water sign who loves their privacy, so a remote area by the waters to calm their stormy emotions and allow them some space to detach from the stresses of their every day life in solitude is important.

Try an area like the Yandup Island Lodge in Panama which has an overwater bungalow and no more than 10 rooms, so it follows that everyone who goes there enjoys their privacy.

Sagittarius – Cross-Country Road Trip

If you think hitting just one spot on their vacation will be enough to satisfy a Sagittarius, you haven’t met one yet. They have an unquenchable thirst for travel.

The best option for them would be either a road trip across the country (preferably stopping at music festivals along the way- Sagittarians are known for having a deep love of music) or backpacking through Europe using the Eurail as a way to travel between countries.

Capricorn – St. Petersburg, Russia

Capricorns like for their vacations to be a reflection of them, both elegant and classy. They have expensive taste, and they want the best. They don’t necessarily need a beach trip for summer; they need something that will make them look rich AF.

St. Petersburg, the former capital of the Russian Empire and the jewel of the Romanov empire, has a rich history. Witnessing numerous operas, ballets and concerts in this hub of Russian culture is a must for all fancy Capricorn individuals.

Aquarius – Machu Picchu, Peru

Aquarians need a vacation spot where they can avoid the usual tourist traps. They are explorers, so they’d ultimately like to go somewhere that no other person would go. Unexplored landscapes and places shrouded with mystery really get them excited.

Traveling to Peru for its rich history and the mysterious Incan ruin of Machu Picchu is a good choice, it allows an Aquarian the freedom to explore the areas on foot and not be restricted by strict travel plans or a guidebook.

Pisces – Bali, Indonesia

Pisces need to go somewhere completely off the map, with no cell phone service and near the water to calm their sensitive emotional souls. Bali, Indonesia with its beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunsets is perfect.

Another plus for Pisces: It has no cell service and it’s as far away from the USA as you can get without coming back. It’s absolutely perfect. /by Rosebud Baker

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