The girlfriend who loves to cheat at boardgames and out run their partner, is always attempting to look daring and brave, likes to climb all over their partner and leave little hickies and love bites, will definitely chew out someone for their partner, likes to show their best features in front of their partner at all times

The girlfriend that loves to kiss looong goodbyes, is always poking or nudging at their partner at an attempt to get their attention, always knows the smoothest responses to things, neck kisses, likes to sleep holding/being held, dirty jokes, subtle (not so subtle) flirt

The girlfriend that is low-key jealous af, likes to wakeup their partner to kisses, pda, holds their partner’s whole arm when walking together, likes to have their hair played with, likes to run their fingers over their partner’s chest/abdomin,hardcore dirty talk, is honestly so happy to be tolerated

The girlfriend who protects their precious baby at all costs, loves to listen to the partner’s passions and ambitions, is always looking for things their partner would like/things that remind them, touchy-touchy-touchy all the time, if an awkward tension or disagreement occurs their first instinct is to hug their partner, would actually rip someone to shreds for their partner, likes to feel praised and adored

The girlfriend who is low-key concerned for their partner at all times, is always worried when their partner does anything dangerous(physically or otherwise), really soft, likes to pet/rub their partner, gives the cutest little nick names, a bit of a tease, always trying to figure their partner out

The girlfriend who gives back scratches, lots of giggling, likes to bake for their partner, will kick their partner’s butt in Mario Kart, is attracted to tall people, heavy breathing, likes to touch their partner’s head/hair, likes to be comforted, shower kisses, strange dance moves, secret flirts

The girlfriend who loves to see their partner doing things deemed to be kind traits like playing with kids or dogs(they find sweetness a huge turn on), part of them wants a dominant partner but are drawn to more submissive, gives great massages, the expert on how to turn someone on, secretly really likes the more popular person for a partner, moaners

The girlfriend who wants all of their friends to love their partner, seeks approval and admiration often, needs someone who is equal to them in status and reputation, like feeling submissive as they are normally alphas, buys expensive and over-the-top gifts, so much PDA, smiling into kisses, up for anything

The girlfriend who loves to tease and make fun of their partner, likes going on fun and adventurous dates, has really strange(yet cute) nick names for their partner, will definitely steal their partner’s clothes(will not return them), super fun and hot, often ends good relationships on the search for something better, great hair, pillow fights

The girlfriend who is meme AF, wants to shower their partner in affection but doesn’t quite know how, loves a funny guy, wants someone who will draw out their silly side, fantastic lips, shows their affection in cute little moments of excitement with a peck or a random ‘I LOVE YOU’, supper funny, actually really chill, secretly romantic

The girlfriend who loves to just look at how attractive their partner is, likes to be more submissive, always putting their feet on their partner??, hates coming up with date plans, doesn’t dress up often but when they do they look like stars, loves cheek/nose kisses, sleepy makeup sessions, neck stroking

The girlfriend who makes cute little crafty/artsy things for their partner, likes a partner that will be a music and movie snob with them, making out in the pool, very sentimental, will keep gifts their partner gives them forever, reading and coming up with stories, little pixies

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