Aries: The I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-school one, but still nails it. And only goes to school just to meet his/her friends.

Taurus: Probably in the top 3 and who takes his/her studies VERY seriously.

Gemini: That one students who’s always chatting and having a blast with his/her friends.

Cancer: Pays 10000% attention to whatever the teachers says and takes a lot of notes. Nerd.

Leo: Just like Gemini, always chatting, but also the loud one whose purpose is to get all the attention focused on them.

Virgo: Has probably a lot of friends and is super popular in school and smart as fuck.

Libra: The cinnamon roll student who always has good grades and is very appreciated by everyone.

Scorpio: Probably the most hated student in school for no reason at all, and legit hates everyone too.

Sagittarius: That one student who probably skips some classes or don’t even bother to go to school, because yolo.

Capricorn: The anxious student who’s always stressed about their grades, and has either good or bad grades.

Aquarius: Average student who’s probably categorized as the “weird” one in class, and shit on the “status quo” in school.

Pisces: The quiet one who’s secretly a nerd and yet everyone sleeps on them. Also daydream a lot.

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