All’s fair in love and war, and while the zodiac might strongly caution you against entering certain relationships, there’s nothing the cosmos can actually do to stop you from pursuing love with a zodiac sign you shouldn’t date.

But they can encourage you to keep your heart in distance. Every astrological sign has something to teach you, but not every single one is ideal for entering a loving, committed relationship.

At the same time, even the most unhappy of relationships can give you valuable information that you need to do it better next time. Plus, relationships that you experienced in the past influence what you look for in the future.

Nobody ever approaches love with a completely clean slate. That’s why you still find people in solid relationships, despite their signs being incompatible.

Sometimes, the only way to break the karmic pattern is to date the aspect of your shadow self that appears in a seemingly incompatible sign.

Your reasons for staying in a relationship are entirely your own, so if you see your loved one with you on this list, don’t despair. Astrology is here to inform your relationship, not dictate it.

Aries: You Shouldn’t Date Leo

There will be so many sparks flying between these two fire signs that it will take seconds for the first date to erupt into either full-blown sex or a top-volume screaming match.

If you chose to be friends, Aries and Leo would make a great dynamic duo, but the only reason they should ever go home together is if they actually want to burn a house down.

Taurus: You Shouldn’t Date Leo

Taurus sees their partners as a prize. Leo loves to be prized, but their glow will diminish underneath Taurus’ possessiveness. Leo will get languid and bored but feel too bad to leave a partner who is so devoted.

Leo’s pride will make them give their everything to a relationship, even when they’d be a healthier, happier person if they parted ways. If you’re looking for the right thing to do in this situation, Taurus, don’t ask out Leo in the first place.

Gemini: You Shouldn’t Date Scorpio

Scorpio takes everything to heart in relationships. The secret-keeper of the zodiac will scuttle off when Gemini starts to rattle off all the dirty details of their relationship. If they really want Scorpio to stick around, then Gemini will need to practice some discretion.

But the stress of Gemini trying to keep a secret will probably be the very thing that blows the lid off of your relationship.

Cancer: You Shouldn’t Date Aries

Communication is what breaks up these two signs. Aries has the tendency to tell the truth in a flippant, no-holds-barred way that will drive Cancer’s nervous system to a full-blown collapse.

Aries will be confused by Cancer’s emotional outbursts and will be too impatient to stick around until Cancer chases their moody clouds away.

In friendship, Cancer can teach Aries emotional intelligence, while Aries teaches Cancer to get a thicker skin, but this lesson doesn’t come as easily in romantic relationships.

Leo: You Shouldn’t Date Aquarius

Leo demands a lot in relationships, particularly from this air sign. They will come to Aquarius constantly for advice about everything. But because Leo is also prideful, they will deny that Aquarius has any influence over them whatsoever and claim they don’t trust anyone’s opinion more than their own.

Aquarius will become resentful of the work they are pouring into the relationship, and it won’t take long before they ghost Leo and leave them to try and figure out what went wrong.

Virgo: You Shouldn’t Date Capricorn

These two earth signs will share an interest in practicality and building strong foundations, but there just won’t be that much sexual chemistry or romantic spark.

Unless both of the parties really enjoy getting off on building shelves together, they’d be better off going in on a business venture than trying to start a romantic partnership.

Libra: You Shouldn’t Date Cancer

Airy Libra likes to keep it light. While other air signs could be a good match for Cancer, Libra is far too breezy. They’ll always want to hold Cancer’s feelings aloft, and when they can’t, they’ll get frustrated with the relationship.

Cancer, meanwhile, will feel guilty for bringing Libra down. This tide-dweller will clam up, and after giving it some consideration, Libra will finally pull the plug.

Scorpio: You Shouldn’t Date Pisces

Scorpio rises up from the depths of the oceans, while Pisces prefers to swim with the emotional currents. Pisces will feel like Scorpio is a predator, dragging them down into the depths to have their feast.

Scorpio, meanwhile, won’t trust that Pisces isn’t secretly scheming something behind their back. Unless these two signs figure out that they have more in common than they do differences, no trust will ever form between them.

Sagittarius: You Shouldn’t Date Virgo

This relationship could be quite a bit of fun, but it usually takes too much for Sagittarius to get Virgo to loosen up. The wanderer of the zodiac will get impatient with the maiden’s constant need to spend four hours every night on a skincare routine.

Sagittarius will opt to ditch date night for a trip to the club instead, and it won’t be long before both signs find mates better suited to their lifestyle.

Capricorn: You Shouldn’t Date Libra

Capricorn would definitely get off on hooking up with a Libra, but Libra’s devil-may-care attitude toward finances will make Capricorn a nervous nelly. Capricorn wants to plan for the future.

Libra wants to keep the party going and save the difficult conversations for a more convenient time. Capricorn will be much happier if they find someone who looks into the future as far as they do.

Aquarius: You Shouldn’t Date Taurus

Aquarius thrives when they can be truly independent, but Taurus treats their relationships like a prize to keep close. Aquarius will feel restricted by a relationship with Taurus, and the more Aquarius tries to gain distance, the more firmly Taurus will tighten their hold.

The relationship will end when Aquarius lashes out and says something that activates Taurus’ capacity to hold a grudge for years.

Pisces: You Shouldn’t Date Gemini

Pisces values harmony, and Gemini does, too — until their evil twin rears their head and starts chaos. Gemini needs to be with a partner who can hold space for their dualities, and Pisces needs to find someone who values their message of everlasting peace.

If these two signs can really be honest with one another, then it can work, but first, they’d need to stop projecting so much on one another. And that might never happen.

VIACaitlyn Luce Christensen
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