The indigenous tribes of America had developed a very special spiritual connection with nature. Like in the Chinese Astrology, the zodiac signs in native American tradition are exclusively animals.

The Native Americans believed that at the time of our birth, the characteristics of an animal are assigned to each new-born soul and form our personality.

What is your Native American Zodiac Sign? Can you recognize yourself in it?

The Otter:

January 20th through February 18th (Northern Hemisphere) / July 22nd through August 22nd (Southern Hemisphere)

Element: Air

Color: Silver

Stone: Turquoise

Personality characteristics: Independent and caring

Compatible with: Raven, Falcon, and Deer

It largely corresponds to Aquarius

Those belonging to Otter Zodiac Sign are unconventional. Others may think that they have an odd way of thinking. This happens because they love their independence and they want to go their own way.

They often are rebellious as well. This does not mean that they are egoists. Wholly on the contrary, they are loyal and attentive. Sometimes their truthful nature makes them appear rude. But this is not the truth.

The Otter is just honest and direct, both in friendship and in love affairs. Otter’s honesty may make persons of this sign social outcasts in extreme cases.

The Wolf:

February 19th through March 20th (Northern Hemisphere) / August 23rd through September 22nd (Southern Hemisphere)

Element: Water

Color: Blue-Green

Stone: Jade

Personality characteristics: Emotional and generous

Compatible with: Woodpecker, Brown Bear, and Snake

It corresponds to Pisces

Contrary to our perception of the Wolf as a loner and aggressive animal, for Native Americans the Wolf is gentle, generous and nurturing. The Wolf has a strong intuition and is a real empath.

Wolf’s ability to understand others’ feelings make him a great protector but also a victim of exploitation. When people pay her/his generosity with ingratitude, the Wolf may react emotionally and may prefer the solitude.

But if you show your appreciation, the Wolf will become even more caring and protecting, since love is something essential in Wolf’s life.

Wolves are prone to philosophical ideas. They like reading and ponder over the meaning of life. This make them wiser but also a bit distant to daily delights of life which they consider as too trivial.

The Falcon:

March 21st through April 19th (Northern Hemisphere) / September 23rd through October 22nd (Southern Hemisphere)

Element: Fire

Color: Yellow or green

Stone: Opal

Personality characteristics: Dynamic and Competent

Compatible with: Salmon or Owl

It largely corresponds to Aries

The Falcon is a natural-born leader. Persons under this sign can rapidly make decisions without hesitations. They have the charisma to pick up what is important and see through the fogginess of complicated circumstances.

They are confident and decisive, and they never procrastinate. But sometimes they may become too opportunistic and impatient. If they are accepted as the ones who command will be efficacious in leading a group towards a common goal.

But if neglected, they may act destructive. Falcons are passionate lovers. Still, their erotic relationships are full of turmoil and fiery passion. This can cause a great drama at the end of a love affair.

The Beaver:

April 20th through May 20th (Northern Hemisphere) / October 24th through November 21st (Southern Hemisphere).

Element: Earth

Color: Turquoise

Stone: Jasper

Personality characteristics: Hardworking and reliable

Compatible with: Goose, Woodpecker, Bear

It largely corresponds to Taurus

The Beaver is the Zodiac sign you will need to make the job done. Beavers are systematic, determined and successful in what they want to achieve.

Although they do not like risks, they make good businessmen. They will avoid great investments, but they will work step by step in a methodological and efficient way. Beavers can be very witty and a good company.

They make good and loyal partners. Yet, at times they get cunning, nervous and reluctant to move on. This attitude influences their love life as well. Although they are extraordinary caring and loyal, they are not open-minded and playful.

This may damage their erotic affairs. Still, they will always be there for you and they will care to cater for those who love.

The Deer:

May 21st through June 20th (Northern Hemisphere) / November 22nd through December 21st (Southern Hemisphere).

Element: Earth

Color: Yellow or Blue

Stone: Agate

Personality characteristics: Adorable and Intelligent

Compatible with: Raven or Otter

It largely corresponds to Gemini

The Deer are probably the one of the dearest Zodiacs Signs (pun intended!). They are clever, attractive and with full of grace. They love communication and socializing.

Their nature makes them want to be constantly in motion, that is why they love traveling or working as freelancers. They are very creative natures and they love engaging into team projects.

Deer love peace and tranquility in their personal life and avoid conflicts. These make them gentle and lovable. Their good vibes make them to be loved by everyone.

Sometimes, however, they may be moody. although they can show their love, they are inconsistent, and they easily get overwhelmed if confined.

This makes them unstable in a relationship. In order to keep them next to you, you should come up with new ideas and interesting enterprises.

The Woodpecker:

June 21st through July 21st (Northern Hemisphere) / December 22nd through January 19th (Southern Hemisphere).

Element: Water

Color: Pink

Stone: Rose Quartz

Personality characteristics:

Compatible with: Snake, Wolf, and Beaver

It largely corresponds to Cancer

The Zodiac Sign of the Woodpecker incorporates the quality of Empathy. Woodpeckers are the most supportive and understanding Zodiac Sign.

Their loved ones can always rely on them. For Woodpeckers, partners or family are the essence of life. They show great devotion and they will do their best to live happily with the ones they love.

They also love nature and art, due to their romantic character.

Woodpeckers are obviously loyal partners and adorable parents. What they should consider is that they do not turn to emotional or possessive.

Their jealousy may ruin an otherwise perfect erotic affair or family ambience. What they should do is to balance between logic and the ebbs and flows of their heart.

The Salmon:

July 22nd through August 21st (Northern Hemisphere) / January 20th through February 18th (Southern Hemisphere).

Element: Fire

Color: Red

Stone: Carnelian

Personality characteristics: Energetic and Confident

Compatible with: Owl and Falcon

It largely corresponds to Leo

The Salmon is the Zodiac Sign of inspiration. Their agility makes them move through different domains of working or social life.

They are determined, focused and they contribute with enthusiasm to every team project they participate.

Their enthusiasm is always spread in the place they are, and they enjoy respect and adoration.

These qualities have also some negative aspects. Salmons can be supportive and generous to those they love but they may be indifferent or toxic when annoyed.

They also see the world strictly through their own needs. If they can make it to control their selfishness, they can be fascinating partners.

The Bear:

August 22nd through September 21st (Northern Hemisphere) /February 19th through March 20th (Southern Hemisphere).

Element: Earth

Color: Brown and Purple

Stone: Amethyst

Personality characteristics: Rational and intuitive

Compatible with: Goose and Beaver

It largely corresponds to Virgo

Bears are reliable, constant and dutiful. This is the Zodiac sign you can rely on. Bears are practical and do their job done in a proper way. The move forward taking secure steps.

Ofter they are guided by their strong intuition. Bears are also generous and have a great heart. Sometimes they tend to be slow. They do not like challenges and they do not love big changes in their life.

Security and stability are what they prefer. Although caring and lovely in a relationship, they are sometimes too shy, or they tend to criticism.

They have conservative characters. Yet they are honest, and they offer constancy and security, values they also appreciate to others.

The Raven:

September 22nd through October 22nd (Northern Hemisphere) / March 21st through April 19th (Southern Hemisphere).

Element: Air

Color: Blue and brown

Stone: Azurite

Personality characteristics:

Compatible with: Otter and Deer

It largely corresponds to Libra

The Raven is the Zodiac Sign of Beauty and Passion. They are very energetic, charismatic and love getting engaged into fascinating initiatives and projects.

Ravens strive for harmony and try to bring this into their working place with their colleagues. Although idealists and caring, there remain self-centered.

They incline to delights and that makes them unstable in erotic issues. But once they find their soulmate they will settle down.

They also love new quests; therefore, they are constantly on the move. They love hard work, but they are a bit unsystematic.

Yet, once in a proper environment, they can thrive. Art and culture in general are domains to which they can largely contribute.

The Snake:

October 23rd through November 22nd (Northern Hemisphere) / April 20th through May 20th (Southern Hemisphere).

Element: Water

Color: Violet or Orange

Stone: Copper

Personality characteristics: Spiritual and Impulsive

Compatible with: Woodpecker and Wolf

It largely corresponds to Scorpio

The Zodiac sign of the Snake is the symbol of Shamanism and Medicine. Snakes are spiritual and close to the secret powers of nature and thus some of the best candidates to manifest magical and healing abilities.

Snakes can be spiritual leaders, doctors or persons that can inspire and assist. They are multi-taskers, flexible and intellectually outstandingly competent.

Snakes have secretive characters. This makes them attractive and mysterious. Nevertheless, there is some darkness in this secrecy.

While they can form wonderful and deep relationships, their reactions may be emotional, violent and revengeful. What Snakes should learn is the lesson of forgiveness.

The Owl:

November 23rd through December 21st (Northern Hemisphere) / May 21st through June 20th (Southern Hemisphere).

Element: Fire

Color: Gold or Black

Stone: Obsidian

Personality characteristics: Adventurous and Independent

Compatible with: Falcon and Salmon

It largely corresponds to Sagittarius

The Owl is the Zodiac sign of those who seek knowledge. Like owls flying through the darkness, the persons under this sign want to understand the secrets of our world and illuminate the society.

Owls are great teachers, scientists, artists and philosophers. They are charming individuals who exert great influence upon others. Owls are great orators and therefore they are also active in politics.

Their erotic life is intense, sometimes even dramatic, and they love music and dancing. On the other hand, some Owls may use their intellect in a malevolent manner.

Due to their intelligence, their acts turn to be diabolical and immoral. In their sex life they may tend to exaggerations.

The Goose:

December 22nd through January 19th (Northern Hemisphere) / June 21st through July 21st (Southern Hemisphere).

Element: Earth

Color: White and Silver

Stone: Quartz

Personality characteristics: Ambitious and Serious

Compatible with: Beaver, Bear and Raven

It largely corresponds to Capricor

Persons under the Zodiac Sign of Goose are reliable and methodological. You can trust them in order to get a job done. Geese are ambitious as well.

They adore team working and they could not work alone. Their spirit of collaboration is one of their major assets and that is why many Geese can be found as executives in the business world.

The dark side of this quality however is that Geese are easily dependent on others. Out of the formation, they feel lost and disoriented, exactly like a goose out of her gaggle.

This is also true for their erotic affairs. Geese create strong bonds but are afraid to break out of malfunctional relationships.

Can you recognize traits of your personality in the Native American Zodiac Sign?

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