You are exhausted with the struggles of life. You are no longer the fun person who loves to party and arrange get-togethers. This week will dawn on your aging ideas. You will wake up with a sudden boost of energy and plan something fun. It can be a surprise party to announce something or your best friend’s birthday party. It is going to bring you happiness.

Health is your biggest asset, and you know that. You are not someone who neglects it. However, the crisis that you have been through has helped you to inculcate some bad habits. You have to bring back your life on track, and for that, you need a cleanse from within. If you wish to have a relaxing bath, then start with it and work accordingly to be yourself.

Dear Virgo, you should be grateful that in the face of adversity, you are going to get a higher position at the job. This promotion is going to be a life-changing achievement for you. You wished for this opportunity for a long time. If you are business personnel, then this week is going to be your lucky week, as financial gains are shining in your face. You are likely to receive a raise at your job.

Emotions always keep you engaged and crowd your judgments. You are not someone who takes things lightly. You want to have a successful life, and when it is fulfilling, you are anxious that it may last for a long time. You have to learn to be acceptable and understand the importance of simplicity and logic. Thinking emotionally will not help you every time.

You are interested in going for a vacation, but your leaves may not agree. You will not be unable to manage a leave to go away with your family for the family vacation. You will only be able to afford to travel to your nearest coffee shop to cry about your bad luck. But you must not lose all your hope just because of a slight inconvenience. You are not going to be in a mood to have company.

Colors of the week: Lemon yellow, Pink

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, G

Cosmic Tip: You are a very complex yet simple personality, do not lose your charm.

Tips for Singles: You are a charming person; you do not need to search for love.

Tips for Couples: You must discuss the importance of giving each other some space in your relationship.

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