You will feel dejected about the arguments that hurt you. But soon you will realize that you were not wrong. You will have a deep chat with a friend this week, and they will help you search for your hopeful self. You will not only gain hope but positivity too. It will help you to gain worth and creativity. Your emotions are your strength, and they help you to work on your expressions. Emotions are your lingo to express your feelings.

You have long been engaged with your current partner and any differences with this person can lead you to lose your calm. Although you tend to be very patient most of the time, you can feel like your partner does not care about your emotions. But the week concludes on a happy note as both of you will come together for a celebration on the occasion of either of your success.

The emotions that you are going to feel are energetic, enthusiastic and ecstatic. Your life is going through a lot of changes, and you are enjoying every bit of it. Some of the experiences will be life-altering, and you will be ready to embrace all of them. You will be one step away from throwing your hands in the air and groove. It is going to be a memorable week for you.

You have experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions in the past few weeks. Even though this week seems to behave brought your life to a pause, you will soon realize that some people are not meant to stay with you forever. When they part ways with you, it is for good. Rather than letting unhappy emotions prevail, try to let happiness make inroads into your life this week.

Your love life will go through some rough patches this week. But you must not lose hope. You have to be strong and stick to your promises. Hope will be the only fuel that will keep you going through the week. It would be an exhausting feeling to make all the efforts on your own, but it would be worth it. Soon you will get to resolve your differences and be together.

Emotionally, your heart is going to be a bit gloomy this week. And to forget the pain and pangs, you will try to keep yourself engrossed in work. You would not be able to seek any escape from your feelings. Also, you will have a tough time managing your love life and work life. Things will not go smoothly, but you must not lose patience and hope for better weeks.

This week, you may not have time to spend dwelling on emotions. You have a lot going around you and the entire week will be spent in a rush. You do feel bad about having to sacrifice your work and simultaneously, about the person who happens to be sick. But if you keep wondering about such things, time will pass by and you may have to repent for not working efficiently.

You will be too proud to seek help or acknowledge your feelings to others. It will make you more irritated and helpless at the same time. If you want to have a good time, then you have to shrug off your ego and work in favor of it. You cannot and must not hurt the people who care with your harsh words. It will only cause you pain. This week you should work on your anger to resolve the messy things.

You will be a bit shocked and a little in a mess, as nothing is going to go as you hoped this week. You will feel pushed back into the wall for the things that are not in your control. You will keep questioning your fate to reason the cause of your troubles. But your stars will work for your benefit only when you have complete faith in them.

Unexpectedly, things are moving in the wrong direction. You are unable to decide about anything, essentially because you fear that you will end up making the wrong choice. While it is wise to think several times before arriving at any conclusion, you are overthinking this week. Too many thoughts and too many emotions – both are equally harmful to you this week. So, try to distract yourself this time.

This week, you can feel overwhelmed by emotions, essentially because you love to keep people happy and are willing to give away anything to see smiling faces around you. But when the same people come down to using cheap tactics to pull you down, it is justified that you will feel disheartened. You can feel like nobody understands you and that perhaps stands true for the people you are thinking of.

You are very emotional by nature, dear Scorpio. Even though you may appear to be tough on the outside, your close ones know how soft you are on the inside. Your emotions this week are premised entirely upon the idea that you may fail to get your dream job or make it to your dream college. There can be a lot of anxiety regarding the same as well. But the anticipation is what makes the result enjoyable.

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