Ok, so you may wear the pants. Own it. In love, like work, you tend to be the boss and boss never looked so stylish and fierce. Now translate that to your boudoir style Miss Dominaries. However, your true magnetic quality comes from your softer, more vulnerable side. Try playing up your edges of comfort in the vulnerability sector and your relations will grow more deeply. Also, your partner will like it when you leave things up to them more often – showing trust.

Ruled by Venus, you truly know how to enjoy both the fragile beginnings and the aged maturation of a relationship. Sensuality is your domain and you fully understand the power of touch. Even the quality of sheets, pillows, and lingerie all take high priority. Being a ‘fixed’ earth sign, make sure to give your partner the room to express themselves, and your relationship becomes a fertile garden for you both to explore. Once the foundation of love is there, you will enjoy building a home and stable life together.

Brain power is the ultimate turn on for you and is a must if this relationship is going to make it past date number one. Mercury babes love current events as much as string theory. Whispering in your ear drives a Gemini crazy. Although though intellectual challenge is key, all love cannot exist in the mind. Next, challenge yourself to thaw out on a feeling and build emotional connection. Enjoy each other’s silence as much as words. Strive for balance of heart and mind.

You long to create a cocoon of safety – a nest – a home to share and that is where the life partner will live. Once you feel safe, then your star qualities in love will emerge. For you, shared sentiments are the foundations of love and emotional rapport ranks #1. Your partners’ needs may be quite different from your own so take time in getting to know what exactly nurtures them so you can best support each other through life. Gestures like holding hands, sweet hugs and gifted heirlooms, speak volumes to you.

You are ruled by the Sun, center of the solar system and much like the Sun, you thrive when you are the main centerpiece of attention. You then, in turn, become the most generous and loyal partner. You are famous for your grand displays of affection, dramatic ambiance, and expensive taste. However curb the need to control everything as sun beams can burn when too hot. Take time to cool off and get a breather so tempers do not well up. Instead, keep the fire burning through celebrating each other’s life.

You can be quite the promise keeper and devoted partner once you find that someone whose values suite your own in that perfect hand-in-glove fit. You may appreciate the old fashioned courtship, formal balls, and picnics in the countryside as there is a degree of old-world innocence and purity to your love. Ideally, your partner brings such brightness and laughter into your life, all while being so well-mannered. Allow romance to develop in a slow simmer, like in the old movies.

Your sign presides over marriage, so naturally you will put a great deal of effort into making your partner feel extra special. You are the queen of dreaming up the most romantic night and then actualizing it. Beautiful music, lighting, colors, and aromas must deliver charm as Venus is your planetary ruler. Your lesson in love is to value yourself and take time for you first, so that you do not get burnt out from always being the giver. Beauty and romance should take high priority – take time to honor this.

Love for you tends to be ‘all or nothing’. You love deeply and can be quite forgiving even if you feel wronged. Being a water sign, your emotions are intense and you will put every ounce of your being into this relationship. That said, your choice of partner is all-important – make sure your date is healthy minded as you will devote full attention. Your love becomes your full-time muse so spend time getting to know them before you fully commit. You are one of the most unwavering lovers, purely dedicated.

You’re a natural free thinker and free spirit, so your partner must be on board or else give you ample space. A travel companion that dreams up new adventures with you would be an ideal match. As a fire sign, your passions run strong and you may have a large appetite for trying new things in the bedroom as well as locales and cultural events. That said, your partner may not have the full stamina to match, so develop a social scene of your own for stronger relationship health.

You are the sign of natural elegance and straight-up decorum. With Saturn as your planetary ruler, planning for the future comes naturally so you will only invest time in someone if you see that there is potential for longevity. You admire those that are ambitious, like yourself, with a respectable title. However, you are just as famous for your earthy sensuality and keen sense of touch. Recognize when your relationship is being sacrificed for your work, and get to fixing things before it goes too far.

As the most non-traditional zodiac sign, your love-life will likely also be unique as norms do not interest you. You and your partner will do well to begin as good friends and share common interests. Once the relationship develops, you will need a healthy dose of autonomy. The right partner will admire your independence and not see it as a threat. Focus on developing personal interests as you will respect these qualities in your partner as well. And together you build your own unconventional kingdom.

You are most well-known for your sensitivity and ability to love without boundaries. Being less materialistic, you may place a higher value on the quality of time spent and a feeling of deep soul connection. Your partner must also value honesty, care and be a good listener because you cannot not bear your soul to someone who does not exhibit empathy in return. Expressions of love will take high priority and should be honored in your daily life. /Rebecca Gordon

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