Each and every Zodiac Sign expresses their emotions in different ways… so what makes you upset according to your Zodiac Sign?

It makes a world of difference if you have more of an understanding about the people around you – especially if you know what makes them tick, and also what upsets them (so you can avoid doing it).

Check out what upsets you most according to your Zodiac Sign:

1. Aries – When things don’t go your way

Being one of the three fire signs, Aries can erupt very quickly and won’t hesitate to run you down. If something doesn’t go their way, or if they don’t agree with a particular situation or opinion then you’re in big trouble. They also have a very short fuse, and get angry veeeeeery quickly… so keep out of their way when they’re upset if you want to avoid get steamrolled!

2. Taurus – Unexpected situations

A lack of patience and high intensity of anxiety makes Taurus very easily upset. They hate being caught off guard by anything unexpected, as instability upsets them and makes them aggressive. They are also known to be quite stubborn, and become passive aggressive during arguments. They won’t hesitate to shut you out if they think you’ve done them wrong in any way.

3. Gemini – People telling them what to do

These guys are quite possibly one of the most “chilled out” signs. However, if something does wind up upsetting them, they will be sure to let you know about it. They generally get upset over people trying to tell them what to do, or trying to control them.

4. Cancer – People taking them for granted

Being the most sensitive of all the signs, Cancers get easily upset if they feel someone has taken advantage of their sweet and gentle nature. If they feel unappreciated, or taken for granted they will become insecure and spiral into an irrational pit of negativity and depression. They’ll cut ties with people they view as bad friends, so give them a reason to trust you.

5. Leo – If someone hurts their pride

If a Leo is upset, you’ll definitely know about it… and fast. They have the temper of a child and will lash out if they feel someone has hurt their pride. They might yell, throw things and just cause a general scene to express how they’re feeling – but like every fire sign, they will burn themselves out quite quickly.

6. Virgo – People breaking their trust

Virgo’s are hands down the most patient out of all the signs. While they have the least anger, they really struggle to show and communicate their true feelings. If they do get upset over something, they will most likely keep it to themselves and get over it eventually… however if you hurt them really badly, you could loose a good friend as they don’t forgive easily.

7. Libra – The feeling of being smothered

Libra’s are massive peacekeepers, and need to keep a good balance in their lives and relationships in order to be happy. They are experts at supressing feelings, and tend to keep things locked inside like Virgo. They dislike anything and/or anyone that is overwhelming or smothering – they can’t ever have “too much” of anything or they’ll pull away or lose interest.

8. Scorpio – Someone deceiving them

Due to the fact that Scorpio’s are so mentally strong, it takes a really bad situation to upset or anger them. If someone really close to them deceives them, all hell will break loose. Once they lose their piece of mind, they can become unstable for a bit. You do not want to get on their bad side, though, as Scorpios love to get revenge. They will plot against you if you do something to hurt them, and will not ever let you live it down.

9. Sagittarius – The feeling of rejection

If you’re about to upset a Sagittarius, you might want to think again because you’ll never hear the end of it. However instead of expressing themselves with a raging argument, they rather become sad and depressed. They find it hard to “let go” of things that upset them, and also can’t help but over-analyse and disect every little part of a given situation. Sometimes they even create problems out of pure boredom.

10. Capricorn – If you break their faith or morals

As an Earth sign, Capricorn likes to keep the peace and not waste energy on being angry or upset. They rarely get angry, but when they do you should get out of their way ASAP… They tend to yell and make a big scene to express themselves if they feel betrayed in anyway – they also don’t forgive easily and tend to push people away if they’re upset.

11. Aquarius – They can’t stand arguments

Out of all the signs, Aquarius love a good debate and thought-provoking conversation… but what they hate most are arguments. If you’ve upset them in any way through an argument or opinion, don’t expect to hear from them again as they are quick to cut ties and detach themselves from people. Isolation is their main defense mechanism.

12. Pisces – When others don’t show compassion

Pisces tend to work themselves into quite a state when they’re upset or angry. Being a water sign, their emotions run deep, which means they really struggle to let go of things that upset them in the past. They also have a bad habit of making situations appear worse than they really are… which is both unfortunate for them, and others.

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