We talk a lot about how the beams of a full moon or the shadows of a total solar eclipse might influence your sign, but we never really focus on partial solar eclipses. However, we should.

Partial solar eclipses are just as symbolic as total ones, according to astrologers. And, on Feb. 15, as a new moon rises, there’s going to be a partial solar eclipse — and it’s gonna affect more than a few signs.

So strap into your horoscope and great ready for ~new~ beginnings. There are six signs that will be affected the most by the partial solar eclipse, and it’s looking positive for them all.

First off, let’s start with the new moon: The dark side of the moon might be less than illuminated — you won’t see it at all, actually — but you don’t need a flashlight to start down a new path. That’s what new moons are all about: Rebirth, and new beginnings.

Now, the partial solar eclipse: Astrology King explains to us who are less than familiar with this phase, “a solar eclipse is just like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun.” For instance, while you might feel the effects of a new moon for weeks after, it’s common to feel the effects of a solar eclipse for months.

This new moon on Feb. 15 symbolically kicks off a fresh start or cycle, and it’s in Aquarius. Astrology King is predicting that this means the themes of the eclipse will be along the lines of ideas and deals, mostly. Sprouting ideas can seemingly make big moves in this astrological phase. If these signs use the energy right, results can be empowering.


It’s a gigantic push to find your rightful place in a group or to make a cutting-edge collaboration official. Join forces with people who share your vision and values—then go forth and change society. Being a leader — hello, you’re the first in the zodiac — is in your nature. Finding the right people to lead with is a huge deal. This partial eclipse could present opportunities you’ve been waiting for.


You might get an eye-opening look at where you’ve been playing small, and not only in your career. Time to step into your power, Taurus, and to take responsibility. If you don’t get serious about this issue, nothing will change! Don’t underestimate yourself, Taurus! You’re a bull! Grab life by the, ahem, horns and get down to business.


Ready to work? Great. Because this eclipse season might waft opportunity your way. Tthis boldfaced lunation could bring a surprising opportunity to join forces with a well-connected collaborator.


Relationships become a front-burner topic, and you get a direct download about what YOU need to feel supported. It only makes sense: As you’ve changed, it’s only natural that your interpersonal dynamics shift, too. Take a look inside and see what you need to have in a relationship in order to consider it a good and worthy one. Sacrifices are always made in relationships, sure, but you have to remain happy.


Spiffy up your desk vibes, Capricorn. Your hard work might just pay off. Brace yourself for changes to your work, money and daily habits. A job offer could arrive out of the blue, or you could be tapped for an intriguing project that leads to a bigger, more lucrative opportunity later this year. This could be a very exciting time for all those big projects you’ve been pouring yourself into over the past few months.


Get ready to take center stage, Aquarius. This new moon is in your sign, meaning you might be feeling it the most. It’s the year’s only Aquarius new moon, which acts as a personal New Year for you. Not only will your life be remixed, but this eclipse will deliver stunning clarity around your personal goals. It might be February but think of this as your ~official~ month to write some serious New Year’s resolutions. /by Brittany Bennett

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