I mean, who WOULDN’T want a Gemini as a BFF?!

If you have the opportunity to be friends with a Gemini, you are SO freakin’ lucky. Because their symbol is that of a two-sided face (I’ve seen other symbols, but the two faces make a LOT of sense), you’ll be blessed to see them run the spectrum of emotions.

Want to know more about what to expect? Below are some of the best reasons to be friends with a Gemini:

1. She keeps you on your toes (and LAUGHING. A lot.)

Be ready to be teased (in a playful and LOVING way!) by your Gemini friend. They are SO very quick with comebacks and pride themselves on being smart.

They never mean to hurt you though, so if they say something that hits a little too deep for you, talk to them privately.

Your Gemini friend will more than likely feel terrible for saying what they did, and apologize. We all make mistakes, right?

2. She teaches you how to love by needing YOU right back

Have you ever wanted someone to want you back? It’s a two way street. Truth is, Gemini folks are very nervous under their tough exterior. This anxiety usually manifests itself into humor, and self derogatory comments.

When you’re done peeing in your pants because your friend is talking like she’s on stage at the comedy club, she needs you there to support her too. That’s what REAL friendship is.

3. She reminds you that “ME time” is REQUIRED

Because Gemini’s are so deep, yet still active in their social lives, they will need a night here or there to be alone, be themselves, and refresh their souls, so she’s going to teach you to do the SAME thing.

Once both of you are done reflecting, you’ll be up and at it again, wanting to go out and have fun (now that you’re stress levels are down).

4. She tells you what she REALLY thinks. No holds barred

Was something added to your salad that you didn’t want? Is there a bartender who is completely ignoring your order?

No worries! Your Gemini friend will take care of it; not in a way that will make the service workers want to spit in your food, but they’ll probably use a joke to make the point, and might even make a new friend in the process.

5. She leads the way when you really need her to

They’re curious and in need of information, and they get a buzz from being in charge, so she’s not going to hesitate when you both need some direction.

Either way, you’ll always have someone who knows what the next step is in any situation!

VIALiza Walter
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