Have you ever wondered what it is exactly that makes Sagittarius tick?

Those of us that are born under the Sagittarius star sign can sometimes cop some flack for being too blunt or direct or a number of other things but the truth of the matter is there is a whole lot more to the Sagittarius personality than most people get them credit for.

1. Sagittarius is an optimist that dreams BIG

Sagittarius tends to be enthusiastic about life and optimistic about the future. They see no point in dwelling over their misfortunes and instead focus on playing to their strengths.

They’re not afraid to aim high and they’re just crazy enough to believe that they can make all of their dreams come true if they just chase them hard enough.

2. Sagittarius is candid and honest

The Sagittarius is one of the most direct and straight forward personalities in all of the zodiac. Some may find them a bit too blunt at times but friends often find their honesty to be a breathe of fresh air.

They will tell it to you straight and wont try to sugar coat every little thing making them a great person to go to when you want nothing but the straight up truth.

3. Sagittarius is witty and has a wicked sense of humor

The Sagittarius has a natural talent for seeing the ridiculous and humorous side to life.

Through a combination of observational humor and ruthless sarcasm they often have their friends and those around them in absolute hysterics.

4. Sagittarius is independent and hates being told how to live

There’s few things that a Sagittarius hates more than pointless rules being enforced upon them by people that have no right to do so.

If you try to control their every move or interrogate them about every little thing then they’ll distance themselves FAST.

5. Sagittarius can be restless and impatient

Sagittarius wants everything yesterday and is always looking around the next corner in life ready to chase the next big thing.

When things aren’t moving at the pace that Sagittarius likes to live their life they can wind up getting frustrated and grumpy as a result.

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